Etsy: Mini Rabbits are now available

The mini rabbits have launched and are now available in my Etsy shop.  They have been created specifically for Pullips, Blythes and other 1/6th scale dolls. They are completely hand-stitched and have tiny button eyes. They love to be carried around and hugged, and from what I’ve heard dollies love them. 🙂

I’ve also listed another pink deer in the shop:

Strawberry Parfait likes to eat oreo cookies while playing chess against her brother. She says that cookies help her concentrate. I’m not so sure about that.

Etsy: Mini Plush Rabbit preview, Deer, Blogs

In my spare time I’ve been concocting a new product for my shop… mini rabbit plushies for Pullips (and other 1/6th scale dolls)! They are completely hand-stitched and have tiny button eyes.  They will be available for sale after Christmas.  Here’s a little preview with some happy dollehs below:

I’ve also made more deer (the pink/blue are brand new colour combinations!). Most of them have sold, but there is still one blue/pink deer leftover in my Etsy shop.

[On the left: Strawberry Sorbet Deer works in a French bakery and makes all kinds of yummy treats. Her favourite is the éclair, which she looks foward to eating after her shift is over.  On the right: Strawberry Parfait Deer likes to eat oreo cookies while playing chess against her brother. She says that cookies help her concentrate. I’m not so sure about that. ]

[On the left: Blue Bubblegum Deer holds the record for most chews on one piece of gum. She practices her bubblegum chewing everyday and only breaks for her yoga class.  On the right: Pink Bubblegum Deer likes to chew gum in flavours of cotton candy, strawberry and cupcake icing. She is competing with Blue Bubblegum Deer for World’s Best Bubblegum Chewer.]

Last weekend my good friend Brigitte (creator of the Zombuki‘s) named one of her necklace styles after me!  OMG, so sweet!  ♥  If you comment on her post during the month of December you’ll be entered to win one of her pretty necklaces. Check out her Etsy shop for more awesome jewellery.

And last but not least, a few people were super sweet and featured me on their blogs:

Thanks people, you’re awesome!  ♥  Happy Holidays, everyone!

Plush Art Show: Stuff This 2, Part 2

The opening night of Stuff This 2 was a grand success (check out this article by Bryan Coffee of Tomopop)! Lots of people showed up, and lots of plush were sold, including my little Petawawa.  🙂  The show will be held until December 31st, so if you missed out on it there’s still a chance to check it out before its over. If you can’t make it in person, the plushies can be bought online. Just shoot Rivet Gallery an email with the plushie you’re interested in, and they’ll hook you up.

[Rivet Gallery packed on opening night, photo by MatthewLee]

[Petawawa & Madawaska (below the adorable snail) surrounded by awesome plush creations, photo by MatthewLee]

Plush Art Show: Stuff This 2

Two weeks ago I mentioned that my plushies will be in Stuff This 2, a plush art show at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, OH.  The show is open from now until December 31st (if you’re in Columbus go check it out!).  I created two original one-of-a-kind plushies for the show.  Here they are:

Madawaska is a wandering nesting spirit. She spends her days walking through the forest waiting for birds to nest in her hair. When a bird family has chosen her head as their nesting ground, she finds a safe place to stand under the shelter of a taller tree. She listens to their conversations as they prepare their nest on her head and quickly becomes up to date on all the latest bird gossip. The Swallows always chirp about the grand pine tree that the Blue Jays live in, the Swallows squawk about the grain stash the Chickadees hoarded without sharing, and the Cardinals simply chatter about how pretty they are compared to any other bird (the Finches do not agree with this one bit). Currently she is the proud hostess of three brand new robin eggs. The Robin parents are already discussing what Universities they want their young ones to go to, as well as whether or not to put them on a strict worm and moss diet.

This is the first time I’ve used non-traditional elements on a plush toy (the straw nest and feathered collar) but I felt very strongly about using them. Even though those elements are not handmade by me, I think they give an extra detail to her overall design. I love the spotted pattern on the feathers. Her teal eyes are from a new colour of felt I went bonkers over when I found it at a fabric store (some colours of felt are super hard to find). They echo the striking blue of the robin eggs in the nest, making her appear friendly to potential nesting birds. ^_^ Madawaska is currently on display and for sale at Rivet Gallery.

Petawawa is a ballerina for The Animaltown School of Interpretive Ballet. In one performance she played the role of a fawn who pranced, jumped and twirled to a beautiful violin solo. The moment on stage was so empowering for her that from that point on she knew she wanted to be a deer. She made a hooded deer cape and practiced her graceful fawn dance moves before she tracked down a small herd of deer.  She performed her prancing fawn steps for them and they were convinced she was a one of their long lost deer spirits (mostly because she knew the secret hoof shake) and accepted her into their clan. Petawawa was so overjoyed with happiness that she jumped up and cheered, but as she did this the ribbon on her hooded cape became loose and it fell off.  It was revealed to the whole herd that she was really just a girl in a cape.  Petawawa was crushed as her dreams of becoming a deer were ruined.  Fortunately the herd of deer were so impressed by her prancing that despite her being human, they accepted Petawawa into their fold.  Sometimes Petawawa finds it a pain to sleep in the field at night and she says it’s hard to eat grass and bugs, but overall she is extremely happy of her new life with the wandering deer herd.

Petawawa is my love for deer transfused into doll form. I also really liked the idea of a doll wearing a deer cape. The antlers are stuffed, and the cape is fully lined with super cute Japanese fabric of a rabbit and raccoon. The maroon and dark pink felt fabric are also part of the super rare colour stash I recently found. I think she really looks like a ballerina with her pulled back hair and ruffled collar. (Her eyes are both the same colour of light pink even though they look like two different colours in the photos). I LOVE the fabric of the raccoon getting set on fire (LOL), and I was so happy I had an excuse to use it again! ^_^ Petawawa is currently on display and for sale at Rivet Gallery.

Inspiration. These plushies were inspired by several things…

1) Animals. Obviously I’m super into deer, but I’ve also been really getting into other animals, especially birds. I also love rabbits, hedgehogs, raccoons, chipmunks (they will be a part of the “Animals” series)… and pretty much any kind of northern wildlife that lives (specifically) in my home country of Canada.  I drew the original ideas for these two when I was on the train.  You can see my original sketch here.

2) Cocorosie. American sisters who live in France and make the awesomest music ever.  I have been listening to them obsessively lately, especially their song “Animals” (you can listen to it here). I love these lyrics in particular:

    I always knew that I would spend a lot of time alone
    No one would understand me
    Maybe I should go and live amongst the animals
    I’d spend all my time amongst the animals
    And on the tracks I would go they lead to the sea
    To be amongst the animals

So tragic! I don’t know why, I just really love it.

3) Nature. Both Madawaska & Petawawa’s names are from locations in Ontario, Canada near the area I would go camping with my family during the summers of my childhood.  I have very fond memories of roughing it amongst the Canadian wilderness.  I was also inspired by the scenery and nature I saw when I visited my parents in Nova Scotia a few months ago. I’m usually into bold colours, but when I was coming up with ideas for these two plushies, I decided to try a softer palette. I’m sure it’s from being in Nova Scotia. See for yourself… here’s what I captured when I was out there:

(Click HERE if you want to see the rest of the pics from my trip.)

If you are in Columbus, OH stop by Rivet Gallery and check out the show. If you can’t make it, you can still check out the plush art online here. 🙂

Etsy: Little Red Riding Hood plush doll

Little Red Riding Hood is another plush doll I made for the Crammed Organisms plush show. I decided to leave Red as-is (ie: no re-vamp like the others) and I’ve just listed her in my Etsy Shop. I had *a lot* of fun writing her backstory (maybe a little to much fun!).  Here she is:

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood skipped happily through the woods on the way to her Grandmother’s house. All of a sudden she tripped on a gnarled tree root and landed right in the Gingerbread Men Village. She had never seen so many Gingerbread Men up close, and they all smelled delicious! Red knows the #1 rule in Fairytale Land is: “Thou Shalt Not Eat A Fellow Fairytale Creature (Even If They Are Overwhelmingly Delicious And Would Make a Good Snack)”. But Red was quite upset from falling and thought a little taste of gingerbread would help her feel better. Besides, just one bite couldn’t hurt that much. Red scooped up three Gingerbread Men and put them in her basket. They were cheering with excitement because they thought she was going to take them berry picking. Then she scooped up another Gingerbread Man… and started eating him! (The horror!) You can imagine what happened after that. Unfortunately, the Gingerbread Village has never been the same since. Red has now earned a reputation of being a menace in Fairytale Land (so much that she has been nicknamed “The Red Menace”, and she is banned from certain areas, especially the Whipped Cream Fairy Grove). Even The Wolf is rumored to be afraid of Little Red. Who knows what to expect of an impulsive Gingerbread Man Eater! And I thought she was just a cute little girl in a red cape.

Red’s hooded cape is tied together with a ribbon, and it is also completely removable. Her Gingerbread Men can also come out of the basket. The one who has a bite on his head is secured to her hand (for easy chewing — NOM NOM NOM!).

“Oh noes, I was eated!” exclaimed the Gingerbread Man.

Little Red Riding Hood is for sale my Etsy shop.

Etsy: New Deer + Early Christmas Present

I’ve listed two new deer in my Etsy shop, and they’re both in colours that have never been available before!

Elegant Eggplant Deer
Elegant Eggplant Deer loves to cook and bake vegan meals for her friends. She is planning on opening the first vegan restaurant in Deerville, and wants to name it: “The Elegant Eggplant” after herself. It’s well deserving because her food is to die for.

Elegant Plum Deer
Elegant Plum Deer crochets the most elaborate doilies you’ve ever seen. She makes them for all occasions and even gives them to her friends for their birthdays. Some of her friends have accumulated quite the doily collection because of it.

Early Christmas
I bought an Anna Chambers plush from the Luvable Hugable 2008 show as an early Christmas present to myself.  Hee hee!  Anna is one of my favourite plush artists as well as a huge inspiration, so to finally own an original creation of hers is sooo exciting.  Isn’t he so amazingly cute!!!

Foggy by Anna Chambers