Drawings: Custom Mug from Zazzle.com

I made this mug for my Dad’s Birthday this year. 🙂 I had it custom printed through Zazzle.com with the drawings I did of my cat Lucky. Zazzle’s printing quality is pretty good, so I would definitely get any future custom mugs made through them. Oh, and my Dad likes his gift very much… infact, he’s having a cup of tea in it right now! 😉

Etsy’s Plush Team: Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to raise funds and awareness about this insidious disease, the members of PlushTeam have created mammary and pink themed plush. 80% of every purchase goes to the Susan G. Komen Institute, an international fund dedicated to raising money for Breast Cancer Cure research. My pink deer and more handmade plush are now available in Plush Team’s shopSupport the cause and help find a cure! 🙂