Etsy: Pullip Kitty Capes

I also made 6 Pullip Kitty capes, and they’re all for sale in my Etsy shop: Follow The White Rabbit. I’ve been collecting Pullip dolls for a few years now, and I decided it was about time I started making my own clothes for them! I’ve had a lot of fun making kitty capes for them, although I do plan on eventually branching out and making different kinds of clothes for them. For now, I’m sticking with the kitty capes. Some of the capes match some of the deer I’ve made, so they go nicely together, like a set. Here are some pics:

This is Arnica (a custom Pullip I made), modelling the Fuschia kitty cape:

The blue kitty cape matches both blue deer. ^_^

Blue & white colours, all ready for the holidays.

My first Christmas themed toy/outfit!

Etsy: In progress, and finished deer.

I just finished sewing up 13 deer, and they’re all listed in my Etsy shop: Follow The White Rabbit. Here are some photos I took of them in progress, and finished:

Cutting out the deer patterns on my craft table:

The patterns are all cut out:

Sewing up the deer:

Everything is sewn up, now it’s time to stuff their bodies!

Their bodies are stuffed and sewn together. Now it’s time to glue on their eyes and spots.

The deer are all finished. Voila! I really like the patterned felt I found at Joann’s craft store.

This time I experimented with button eyes:

They are now for sale in my Etsy shop: Follow The White Rabbit

Welcome to my art blog!

My name is Emily, and I’m an aspiring artist. I used to do a lot of drawing, but I am really into sewing right now. I used to absolutely HATE sewing when I was a kid (discovered after my Mom signed me up for sewing classes), but now I LOVE it (discovered after my Mom bought my sewing machine for me – thanks Mom!). As a toy/doll collector, I love having the ability to create my own toys. I plan on creating my own toy line, which I’ve started making baby steps towards. The process so far has been so much fun and rewarding. Stay tuned for some pics!