Madawaska + Zombuki Book + In progress Deer

Madawaska (pictured below) is now available for sale online.  She was in Rivet‘s Stuff This 2 show in December along with Petawawa (who has already sold).  Click here if you’re interested in giving her a home (this blog post describes my inspiration in making her just incase you missed it).  🙂

My friend Brigitte has released a new book called: “Zombukis Love You”, featuring beautiful photography of her custom Zombuki dolls.  It can be purchased in her Etsy shop.  I made the kitty bonnet that Kazami is wearing on the front page, and also I made the plush deer on the back cover!  🙂

And finally… I’m making a new batch of deer for the shop. Here’s a little sneak peek:

Animation: What I’ve been up to (AKA G-Force Trailer)

I haven’t updated my blog in a few weeks because I’ve been super busy animating on G-Force, Disney’s upcoming VFX movie about a team of secret agent guinea pigs (how cute is that, lol)! It’s a lot of fun to work on (although it hasn’t allowed me much free time to sew). G-Force comes out this summer. Check out the trailer: