Etsy: Little Red Riding Hood plush doll

Little Red Riding Hood is another plush doll I made for the Crammed Organisms plush show. I decided to leave Red as-is (ie: no re-vamp like the others) and I’ve just listed her in my Etsy Shop. I had *a lot* of fun writing her backstory (maybe a little to much fun!).  Here she is:

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood skipped happily through the woods on the way to her Grandmother’s house. All of a sudden she tripped on a gnarled tree root and landed right in the Gingerbread Men Village. She had never seen so many Gingerbread Men up close, and they all smelled delicious! Red knows the #1 rule in Fairytale Land is: “Thou Shalt Not Eat A Fellow Fairytale Creature (Even If They Are Overwhelmingly Delicious And Would Make a Good Snack)”. But Red was quite upset from falling and thought a little taste of gingerbread would help her feel better. Besides, just one bite couldn’t hurt that much. Red scooped up three Gingerbread Men and put them in her basket. They were cheering with excitement because they thought she was going to take them berry picking. Then she scooped up another Gingerbread Man… and started eating him! (The horror!) You can imagine what happened after that. Unfortunately, the Gingerbread Village has never been the same since. Red has now earned a reputation of being a menace in Fairytale Land (so much that she has been nicknamed “The Red Menace”, and she is banned from certain areas, especially the Whipped Cream Fairy Grove). Even The Wolf is rumored to be afraid of Little Red. Who knows what to expect of an impulsive Gingerbread Man Eater! And I thought she was just a cute little girl in a red cape.

Red’s hooded cape is tied together with a ribbon, and it is also completely removable. Her Gingerbread Men can also come out of the basket. The one who has a bite on his head is secured to her hand (for easy chewing — NOM NOM NOM!).

“Oh noes, I was eated!” exclaimed the Gingerbread Man.

Little Red Riding Hood is for sale my Etsy shop.

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