About Me

[photo credit: Waterlet]

Name: Emily Bee

Profession: Animator by day, vinyl + plush artist by night.

Education: Classical Animation Diploma, 2001, Sheridan College, Canada

Location: I currently live in Nova Scotia, Canada… however my career keeps me constantly on the move.  I’ve been very fortunate to have also lived in: Munich, Granada, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto.  I’m a traveler by heart and hope to have many more adventures in the future.

More About Me: Apart from my full-time animation career, I create art in my spare time. After sitting at the computer for 8+ hours a day, it’s very rewarding for me to use a pencil, paintbrush or needle + thread to create art with my hands.  Art is very therapeutic for me because I can express myself in ways that I cannot with my own voice.  A lot of my own personal stories are imbedded in each piece I create.  I am a dedicated lifelong student of the arts which fuels me to create all the time.  I love going to galleries, museums and browsing art + design blogs to fuel my creative inspiration. When I’m not making art, I am learning to play roller derby.  I love the physical workout it brings, as well as the feeling of female empowerment.  The sport has taught me a lot, like dedication, focus and the thrill of physical activity. It has also taught me a very important lesson: I can’t let my fears stop me from pursuing what I want to do.  I fractured my drawing hand (eep!) during a practice which meant my main source of gaining income (my drawing hand) was gone for 2 months.  I was unsure about my recovery — would I be able to click a mouse, or draw + paint again? I learned that time heals all wounds, and eventually after physio therapy I returned to work, and I still practice roller derby.  Last year I had both of my wrists tattooed with words that are very meaningful to me. “Love” is on my left wrist (the side of my heart) to remind me that I am never alone — I carry the love of my family and friends wherever I go. “Strength” is on my right wrist (the hand I fractured) to remind me that despite events in my life that feel like they’ve broken me, I have the strength to get back up and keep on living.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ”
~ Mark Twain

Animation Demo Reel:

Animation Credits

  • ‘Iron Man 3’ | Trixter | Munich, Germany
  • ‘Justin & The Knights of Valour’ | Kandor Graphics | Granada, Spain
  • ‘John Carter’ | Double Negative | London, UK
  • ‘The Thing’, ‘Hop’ | Image Engine | Vancouver, Canada
  • ‘Sucker Punch’ | Prime Focus | Vancouver, Canada
  • ‘G-Force’ | Sony Imageworks | Los Angeles, USA
  • ‘Alvin & The Chipmunks’ | Rhythm + Hues | Los Angeles, USA
  • ‘Everyone’s Hero’ | Starz Animation | Toronto, Canada

Animation Resume: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2190284/

Art Exhibitions (group)






Books, Magazines & Interviews

Photography Clients:

My other websites:

I can be contacted at: emily.dohlerknox [at] gmail [dot] com

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hello Emily! this is kay, one of your mum’s friends. I was just looking at your mum’s blog and then checked out the link to yours…now I understand why she was raving so much about you… you are supertalented girl… I just love all your stuff. Congratulations!!!
    hope you are having a great christmas wherever you are and that 2008 brings you millions more orders!
    love kay xxx

  2. I just wanted to say I LOVE your style and I have one of your pretty deers on display in my home! And keep up the awesome work! oh, and your work place kicks major butt!

  3. wow!!!!!!!!!!1 I am sooooooooo proud of you Emily. Your work is awesome..and you are superfantastic.I wish you continued success xo Glady

  4. OMG!! you seem like an awesome person! have you ever thought of having a class where you taught people how to make and create their’e own plushies?

  5. Hey i really like your work!! so cute can you make the cherry marshmallow and the watermelon deer again? those are my favorites but i didnt have a chance to order them 😦

  6. Pingback: The Deers & the Bees… « Kaufmantoldmesettheworldonfire's Blog

  7. Heey Emily! Woooahhh!, is all I can say :O Your an amazing drawer, I abstolutely *LOOVE* Zilla who drank too much gin 😀
    I think you could sell drawings like theese, theyre that good! Id deffiently buy some!

    Just an idea, but if you type in ‘shy girl cartoon’ on google images, then a littloe picture of a brunette girl in pink comes up.. You could maybe draw/paint/make something like that?

    ^ thats the link for the pic.. if it dont work just search it?

    Reply back !
    Phoebe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  8. ooo yeh. i forgot to ask.. do you sell the dolls? cuus they look so cuuuuute, i love the look of ume :O
    grr, why do you have so much more talent than me? ¬¬ heheheh..


  9. hi
    i made my own version of ‘Absinthe Zombie Girl’ but mine looks moor like the green powerpuff girl. i have a few regards to your blog, only a few photos are showing up and i would really like to see the rest. would you be able to try and fix it?

  10. Hi, My name is Makiko from Japan. I got to know your TOTORO pic whil I was internet surfing. I live in Vancouver Canada, and feel like contacting you because we have some common topics 🙂

    I’m glad you like TOTORO. I like Hayao Miyazaki (of Studio Ghibli, Inc.)’s work too. I think I can say Japanese DISNEY; popular brand, full of dreams/hopes, makes us happy, etc. I made TOTORO felt mascot, which I uploaded as my profile picture.
    Hope to talk with you!

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