Drawings: Life Drawing

From this week’s Life Drawing class..

Photos: Candid Shots From The Underground

I commute to work everyday on London’s Underground, (which I’ve learned is over 100 years old!). There are so many interesting people on the tube so I started taking photos of them. Okay, I feel like a total creeper taking candid pics of people, BUT I find them to be the most interesting subject matter out there because you never know what you’re going to get! Everyone has their own story — they’re all coming and going from different locations and share time on the tube with complete strangers for an average of (I would guess) 1.5hrs a day. On average there are over 75,000 commuters a day, and its amazingly clean considering there are NO garbage bins anywhere on London Underground property! I generally tend to avoid taking pics of people because I feel awkward putting them on the spot (I guess I imagine myself being photographed + feel nervous). But taking candid pics with the iPhone is so easy as it’s not obvious at all, so everyone remains in natural poses. One thing I’ve found very interesting is that people tend to build up a bubble around themselves to stay within their own personal space. They do so by playing games on their phone, listening to music, reading the newspaper, or reading someone else’s newspaper. I like when friends sit together as they create a ‘bubble’ together. Everyday I look forward to new photo ops on my way to + from work. 🙂