Etsy: Sweet Madness Dolls… finished!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! My ex & I were stuck in Los Angeles this year, but thanks to technology, we were able to share Christmas Day with our families over the internet/webcam. I also did a lot of sewing over the past few weeks. Let me show you what I made!

I’d like to announce the first 7 Sweet Madness Dolls! I still have to write up their descriptions, and then they should be ready to list in my Etsy shop in a day or two. It was a lot of fun making these girls, but man was it hard work! They’re the most complicated and detailed thing I’ve made, and they were all made from my own pattern (and a bit of my own madness). They each have their own dresses with mesh panniers and striped socks (although it’s hard to tell that they’re striped from the pics, I need to get fabric with smaller stripes). They all have lace collars with button “cameos”, and the Alice’s both have golden keys sewn onto their hands (this way they won’t lose their keys when eating a shrinking cake! ^_~). I’ve decided to list these girls at $35/each, which is quite a bit higher than my deer prices, but it’s because *so* much work has gone into them, especially a lot of hand sewing. >_> It was fun, but again, very time consuming.

The idea behind the name “Sweet Madness Dolls” is: Very good girls who have gone slightly crazy, yet they remain sane in their own world. Oftentimes called “dreamers” or “legally insane”. It depends on your perspective. ^_^

The first 7 girls are finished! On the right, a tub of deer await eyes and spots before being listed on Etsy too.

The deer wanted their own photo. The red & pink deer is a commission.

You can see their striped socks a bit better with the up-their-dresses-angle. ^_^; lol.

And here’s a pic after everything was finished. It looks like a tornado hit the room!

For those of you who missed them on Flickr, I also took some in-progress photos.
Starting to cut out the patterns. This took all day. 😛

Everything’s cut out. ::whew:: Oh wait, now we have to sew everything up! ^_^;

We’re getting there… slowly.

Yay, we’re done!