Etsy: 3 More Deer In The Shop + Custom Commissions

This weekend 3 more deer trotted into my Etsy shop:

Chocolate Caramel Deer likes to collect stamps and postcards from around the world. She puts them all in a scrapbook she made herself.

[On the left] Marmalade Deer likes to have tea parties with her deer friends on Wednesdays at precisely two o’clock in the afternoon. She serves chocolate cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles for dessert. Yum!
[On the right] Lime Soda Deer loves running through freshly cut grass while holding a huge shiny metallic pinwheel. Lime Soda loves the summer and having fun.

I was also asked by some customers to do a few custom commissions. Here they are:

Fifi La Crème loves to sit at her favourite coffee shop and sips on a café au lait as she people watches from behind tinted oversized D&G sunglasses. When she is finished her drink, she drives away on her Vespa towards the Louvre, where she works as a tour guide.

Red Velvet Cake Deer likes to collect vintage picture frames and paint them all kinds of bright colours. She frames her baby deer’s hoof paintings and hangs them on the wall. She is so proud of her baby deer.

I have 3 more plush deer that should hopefully be completed and listed in my shop next Sunday. 🙂

Etsy: New Mini Rabbits + DeceptiDeer + Needle Felting

A new batch of Mini Rabbits have hit my Etsy shop! Mini Rabbits are little stuffed toys especially made for Pullips, Blythes, Momokos and other 1/6th scale dolls. They love being carried around and hugged! 🙂

My ex requested a Decepticon inspired deer since he loves Transformers and wanted a special deer for himself.  The deer had to be black & purple colour scheme with red eyes.  I added a smokey look around the eyes to make the deer look more menacing. I hand embroidered the Decepticon symbol.  It was fun making something a little bit different from my usual deer design.

Below is my first attempt at Needle Felting. The mushroom measures about 1.5 inches high, and it was fairly easy to make once I got the hang of it.  I’d love to try making a mini deer next time.  I bought this mushroom kit at the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica. UCC is a really cool place and offers craft classes, check it out if you’re in LA!

Etsy: Mini Rabbits + New Deer

The first batch of mini rabbits have sold out, so I’ve been busy sewing up a new batch.  I’ll be listing new ones in my Etsy shop next week.  I also made a mini frog for a custom commission.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  🙂

Here are some new deer that are listed in my Etsy shop:

On the left: Mint Chocolate Deer likes to eat cold ice cream cake on her birthday because it is in the Winter. After she is finished, she drinks white hot chocolate to warm up and looks out the window at the falling snow.
On the right: Strawberry Sorbet Deer works in a French bakery and makes all kinds of yummy treats. Her favourite is the éclair, which she looks forward to eating after her shift is over.

On the left: Watermelon Deer loves the Spring because the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Her favourite thing to do is to run through sprinklers!
On the right: Green Tea Deer‘s favourite hobby is ikebana (the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging). She has a garden where she grows her own flowers specifically for making gorgeous bouquets. After she is done arranging the flowers she admires them while sipping a hot cup of tea.

On the left: Chocolate Caramel Deer likes to collect stamps and postcards from around the world. She puts them all in a scrapbook she made herself.
On the right: Banana Blueberry Deer is a successful interior decorator in Deerville. She loves to decorate in a retro design scheme with very bold colours. Her favourite addition to any room is a hanging bubble chair.  (Custom commission)

Etsy: Mini Rabbits are now available

The mini rabbits have launched and are now available in my Etsy shop.  They have been created specifically for Pullips, Blythes and other 1/6th scale dolls. They are completely hand-stitched and have tiny button eyes. They love to be carried around and hugged, and from what I’ve heard dollies love them. 🙂

I’ve also listed another pink deer in the shop:

Strawberry Parfait likes to eat oreo cookies while playing chess against her brother. She says that cookies help her concentrate. I’m not so sure about that.

Etsy: Mini Plush Rabbit preview, Deer, Blogs

In my spare time I’ve been concocting a new product for my shop… mini rabbit plushies for Pullips (and other 1/6th scale dolls)! They are completely hand-stitched and have tiny button eyes.  They will be available for sale after Christmas.  Here’s a little preview with some happy dollehs below:

I’ve also made more deer (the pink/blue are brand new colour combinations!). Most of them have sold, but there is still one blue/pink deer leftover in my Etsy shop.

[On the left: Strawberry Sorbet Deer works in a French bakery and makes all kinds of yummy treats. Her favourite is the éclair, which she looks foward to eating after her shift is over.  On the right: Strawberry Parfait Deer likes to eat oreo cookies while playing chess against her brother. She says that cookies help her concentrate. I’m not so sure about that. ]

[On the left: Blue Bubblegum Deer holds the record for most chews on one piece of gum. She practices her bubblegum chewing everyday and only breaks for her yoga class.  On the right: Pink Bubblegum Deer likes to chew gum in flavours of cotton candy, strawberry and cupcake icing. She is competing with Blue Bubblegum Deer for World’s Best Bubblegum Chewer.]

Last weekend my good friend Brigitte (creator of the Zombuki‘s) named one of her necklace styles after me!  OMG, so sweet!  ♥  If you comment on her post during the month of December you’ll be entered to win one of her pretty necklaces. Check out her Etsy shop for more awesome jewellery.

And last but not least, a few people were super sweet and featured me on their blogs:

Thanks people, you’re awesome!  ♥  Happy Holidays, everyone!

Etsy Plush Team: Favourite Childhood Plush

This was my second project with Plush Team. We had to create a plushie based on our favourite childhood plush. This was a very fun challenge because it gave me a chance to pull out my old toys that have been stored away for far too long.

My most favourite childhood plush was a rabbit puppet. As you can see (in the pic below), she has been well loved. I loved her because she was a rabbit (my favourite animal as a child), and she was a puppet so I could easily bring her to life (foreshadowing a future career in animation, perhaps!). I named her Jessica Rabbit (*not* after the curvy lady in Who Framed Roger Rabbit — I named her at least 5 years before that movie was released!), but rather she was named/inspired after my brother Jesse. I was almost 3 when my baby brother was born, and I guess either by jealousy or love (or both!) shortly afterwards I took on the persona of a rabbit — “Jessica Rabbit” that is, for the duration of a year when I was a little girl. I would *only* answer to the name “Jessica”… at home, school, etc. I was quite adamant that I was Jessica Rabbit (I was really a bunny living as a human), and I would even sign my paintings as “Jessica Rabbit” (while some kids in my preschool couldn’t even write their own names — I bet the teachers loved me! lol). So, my childhood plush Jessica Rabbit is quite a meaningful toy to me, and now, years later I’m still finding that rabbits are influencing my life to this day! ^_^

Anyways, why don’t I show you what I made! ^_^ This is Baby Rabbit. I tried to used the same colours on her body that were in the original plush, and I wanted to make her look handmade, so I added obvious stitching with dark brown thread where I could. I wanted the design of her face to be similar to the original, so I gave her a prominent nose, with a stitched nose and frowning mouth. I didnt’t have eyes like the original plush has, but I thought these red button eyes were really cute for her. I thought about making her ears fall backwards behind her head, instead of forwards, but I like her ears perked up, and her ears are flexible enough that they can be folded backwards, stand up at attention, or folded down in a relaxed pose.

Jessica and Baby Rabbit meet in a momentous occassion. They instantly become friends, and Jessica assumes the role of mother. ^_^

She is now available for sale in my Etsy shop. Wooden mushrooms can be purchased at Craftsty’s shop.