Etsy: Mini Plush Rabbit preview, Deer, Blogs

In my spare time I’ve been concocting a new product for my shop… mini rabbit plushies for Pullips (and other 1/6th scale dolls)! They are completely hand-stitched and have tiny button eyes.  They will be available for sale after Christmas.  Here’s a little preview with some happy dollehs below:

I’ve also made more deer (the pink/blue are brand new colour combinations!). Most of them have sold, but there is still one blue/pink deer leftover in my Etsy shop.

[On the left: Strawberry Sorbet Deer works in a French bakery and makes all kinds of yummy treats. Her favourite is the éclair, which she looks foward to eating after her shift is over.  On the right: Strawberry Parfait Deer likes to eat oreo cookies while playing chess against her brother. She says that cookies help her concentrate. I’m not so sure about that. ]

[On the left: Blue Bubblegum Deer holds the record for most chews on one piece of gum. She practices her bubblegum chewing everyday and only breaks for her yoga class.  On the right: Pink Bubblegum Deer likes to chew gum in flavours of cotton candy, strawberry and cupcake icing. She is competing with Blue Bubblegum Deer for World’s Best Bubblegum Chewer.]

Last weekend my good friend Brigitte (creator of the Zombuki‘s) named one of her necklace styles after me!  OMG, so sweet!  ♥  If you comment on her post during the month of December you’ll be entered to win one of her pretty necklaces. Check out her Etsy shop for more awesome jewellery.

And last but not least, a few people were super sweet and featured me on their blogs:

Thanks people, you’re awesome!  ♥  Happy Holidays, everyone!

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