Urban Vinyl: ‘Love’ custom resin Tuttz Mini

Love‘ is my Tuttz Mini custom (sculpted by Eric of Argonaut Resins). His name is painted just above his bleeding heart and his feet reveal his original pink resin base. This is my first Tuttz Mini custom and the smallest custom (4.5″) I’ve ever painted too! ‘Love’ will be available for purchase on Sunday, January 29th at 3pm EST at emilybee.bigcartel.com!

Love might be an itty bitty kitty, but someday he’ll grow into into a big feline with an even bigger heart.  He spends his days chasing birds and scratching up the side of the couch.  When he’s had his fun he likes to curl up in his owner’s lap for a long snooze.

[click on the image above to see a larger version]


Urban Vinyl: ‘Strength’ custom resin Tuttz

Introducing ‘Strength‘, my newest Tuttz custom (sculpted by Eric of Argonaut Resins). I painted him by hand and left a bit of his original pink resin base showing through around his face.  His name is wrapped around his neck.  This is my 4th Tuttz custom to date (you can see the rest of them here).  ‘Strength’ will be available for purchase on Wednesday, January 25th at 3pm EST at emilybee.bigcartel.com!

Strength may have a black heart, but he is surely not weak.  His name wraps around his neck, exuding power in a vulnerable area.  Strength stands strong during hard times that challenge him to the core, never wavering.

[click on the image above to see a larger version]



Urban Vinyl: ‘Destroy’ custom resin Pharaoh Hound

My latest custom is the resin ‘Pharaoh Hound’ sculpted by Eric of Argonaut Resins. This custom is entirely painted by hand, however I left peek-a-boo sections on his body showing off his lovely original pink resin base. His name is ‘Destroy‘, which is emblazoned across his chest. He will be available for purchase on Thursday, January 19th at 3pm EST at emilybee.bigcartel.com (follow me on Twitter for the latest updates)!

Destroy‘s red heart beats full + strong regardless of the bloody remnants that drip from his chest.  The idea behind ‘Destroy’ is that we all have the ability to destroy and break a connection we have with someone else, regardless if we still feel strong love and passion for them. It is easier to destroy than to create.

[click on the image above to see a larger version]

Reflections of 2011

I thought it would be fun to make a list reflecting on all the major things I did in my life this year, as I made a similar post last year.

2011 in review:

  • I lived in: Vancouver, London England (which has been a lifelong goal) + Nova Scotia.
  • I traveled to: Amsterdam, Paris, Zürich, Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Bassano Del Grappa, Salzburg, Munich, Berlin, Miami, Seattle, Toronto and Halifax (I’ve got over 5000 photos to prove it, lol).
  • I worked on 3 movies this year: THE THING, HOP, and JOHN CARTER.
  • I was in a 2-person art show at Trace Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland where I displayed over 40 original pieces.
  • I also displayed my artwork in 4 group shows (in the UK [at ‘Kid Robot’ which has always been one of my goals] + in Canada).
  • I had a short film in the Nokia N8 film competition held at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  • I acquired 2 new tattoos: ‘Love’ + ‘Strength’ written on both wrists to remind me that I carry those aspects with me at all times… because at moments last year I believed I had neither (which is completely untrue!).
  • I tried these ‘exotic’ foods: chicken feet, escargot, and foie gras. (Not to mention tons of cheese and wine!)
  • I lived with (4) flatmates for the first time. They were super cool, but I still prefer my own space.
  • I traveled by myself for the first time, navigating through countries that I don’t speak the language.
  • I went out at night to bars + clubs by myself for the first time + enjoyed it.
  • I kept up my roller derby training while skating with the London Rollergirls Rec League + the Riptide Rollers.
  • I finally re-visited my Grandparents at the cemetery since they were buried there over 10 years ago.
  • I learned to open up, trust + love again, despite last year’s events that destroyed my heart. Things didn’t work out how I had hoped this year (AKA my cat is still the #1 guy in my life – haha), but I won’t try to force what shouldn’t be anymore.  I have the rest of my life to figure that out anyways.
  • I met A LOT of amazing new friends (colleagues + artists), met up with old friends who live in various European cities, and reconnected with a few more friends who flew over from ‘across the pond’ to visit Europe (and me!); all of whom have touched my heart immensely and will stay there forever. ❤

Overall I found my independence + inner strength this year. I did a lot of things on my own for the first time.  I had ups + downs and faced some pretty challenging situations. Some things were a bit scary at first, but once I got through the initial fear + centered myself… getting through it really empowered me!  Now I understand the saying that whatever doesn’t defeat you makes you stronger.  I learned how to let go.  I learned to be more self-sufficient.  I finally felt happy being in my own skin.  Next year I hope to create more art, do more traveling, meet more awesome people and experience more that this world has to offer! Last year I mentioned that I was ‘ready to fly’. This year I spread my wings. Next year I will soar. 🙂