Drawings: Life Drawing Class

I had so much fun life drawing on Monday night that I decided to join the life drawing class at work! haha. It’s great because the class is held in the studio from 6-9pm so there’s enough time afterward to come back to my desk to finish up some animation if I need to.

The model had a cast on one of her arms, so I tried to capture how heavy it looked as she was holding it (and I could sympathize having fractured my drawing hand over 7 months ago). My main goal was to try to convey weight and volume. I used a black Col-Erase pencil on paper.

Drawings: Life Drawing at Naked Splendour

This week I went with a friend’s suggestion and attended Naked Splendour at the Rosemary Branch Theatre. It was both a life drawing class and performance by model Philip Herbert. The ‘audience’ had paper + pencils and drew Philip in 3-10 minutes poses while he recalled amusing, weird and wonderful stories about his experiences of being a life drawing model. He recited humourous self-written poetry, shed real tears remembering Pavarotti’s death, and struck great poses to draw from. I haven’t gone to a life drawing class in years, and I forgot (or never realized) how much I really enjoy it.

Here are my sketches done on paper with a 2B graphite pencil: