In Progress: 6 mini resin figures for NYCC 2013

Another collab with Argonaut Resins on the way with 6 resin mini figures of: Tuttz, Pharaoh Hound, and Sucio the mouse! I’m excited to work on them because it’s a bit of a challenge to work on such a small scale (all are under 5 inches), and to add to the mix three of them glow in the dark! These guys will be released at New York Comic Con, October 10-13, 2013.

Urban Vinyl: O’Bot resin figure Work in Progress

‘O’Bots’ is the new resin toy produced by Argonaut Resins & Carbon Fibre Media. They are 2 inch resin figures with a head that articulates (it can spin 360 degrees like the Exorcist.. wheee!). They have asked me to paint a couple of figures, so here is a sneak peek at the first one.

They also made this cool custom template of me as an O’Bot (and included little details like my laceless Chucks & wrist tattoos ^^). Awesome!

Drawings: Tea Time Fox

I spent most of the day drawing and one of the things I drew was a fox drinking tea. (Well why not, right?) After I scanning it into the computer I thought about how to tackle colour. My previous drawing “Alter Ego” was my 1st attempt at digital colouring, and although I am somewhat happy with how it turned out, it took several days to finish and I would prefer to not spend that much time on a piece! I would like to streamline my work so I can finish a project efficiently and at the same time keep it high quality (I think this is every artists’ goal). Earlier today I ran across a simple but insightful tutorial that had good advice about using “multiply” layers to colour in Photoshop. So I tried that with my fox sketch and it worked really well. This colouring technique was fast and it utilized the shading I had done in the original sketch to a point where it actually enhanced it! And colouring it only took a few hours instead of days. 😛 (If you are on Pinterest & looking for drawing tutorials, this is an excellent board to follow:

Below are the work in progress shots for “Tea Time Fox”. You can see part of the original sketch on the left, and the first bits of colour on the right.