Etsy: Plush Deer, Felt Art on Canvas + Photo Prints

I’ve added some new items in my Etsy shop!  First up is 3 Felt Art Canvases featuring deer silhouettes.  They measure 5 x 5 and are ready to hang.

Next up is 5 different doll-themed photo prints.  I actually had these printed up 2 years ago but they ended up in storage for a while when I was moving around.  I found them in a box + thought it would be a better idea to list them.  They measure 5 x 7 and are printed on high quality Kodak Professional Endura Paper with a Luster finish. They come unframed, with a signature on the back. Check out my Etsy shop for more prints.

And last but not least is a new plush mohawked deer: Miss Blueberry Pie. She likes to go antique hunting at the local flea market. She loves buying old furniture and decorations to restore and re-paint.

Etsy: 5 New Plush Deer

5 New Plush Deer are now available in my Etsy shop! (The light brown one has already been claimed.)

[On the left] Blueberry Lime Deer likes to relax on the beach under a rainbow umbrella with a margarita. She loves sunny summer days.
[On the right] Strawberry Sorbet Deer works in a French bakery and makes all kinds of yummy treats. Her favourite is the éclair, which she looks foward to eating after her shift is over.

[On the left] Blueberry Ice Deer loves to go skating on the frozen pond. He twirls and spins and likes to race his other deer friends. After skating, he likes to sip a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream.
[On the right] Dark Chocolate Deer likes to see old movies from the 30’s + 40’s at a retro art deco style theatre downtown. She dresses up in her (fake) furs, grabs some popcorn + watches dramas and murder mysteries that were made before her parents were born.

Fraise La Crème Deer owns a dressmaking shop in Paris. She uses vintage wedding dress material to make dresses, skirts and hats. She has a weakness for deep fried ice cream which she likes to share with a friend so she doesn’t feel guilty about her indulgence.

Urban Vinyl: Tuttz customs, Veni is available!

Veni is now available in my Etsy shop.

Veni’s Story
Armed with a strong shield over his heart, Veni ventures out into the unknown. Unsure of what his future will bring, he carries with him an open mind, a free spirit and an open heart. Veni looks forward to each and every adventure that crosses his path, whether it is good or bad. Although he believes that each experience teaches us something about ourselves and about the world around us, he holds onto the shield over his heart tight. He’s a quote collector and his favourite is by the German writer Goethe: “Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.“.

Click here for more pics.

Etsy’s Plush Team: Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to raise funds and awareness about this insidious disease, the members of PlushTeam have created mammary and pink themed plush. 80% of every purchase goes to the Susan G. Komen Institute, an international fund dedicated to raising money for Breast Cancer Cure research. My pink deer and more handmade plush are now available in Plush Team’s shopSupport the cause and help find a cure! 🙂

Etsy: MOAR Mohawk’d Plush Deer in the shop!

It’s an invasion!  More yummy flavours of Mohawk’d Plush Deer are now available in my Etsy shop!

[On the far left] Blueberry Lime Fizz currently has the #1 single on the music charts in Deerville! She writes & sings her own music and loves to make sparkly costumes for her live shows.
[On the far right] Blueberry Grape Tartelette works for a decorating magazine as the lead designer. She has a good eye for sleek, modern and trendy design. The chic magazine you just read was probably designed by her! 😉
[In the middle] Strawberry Cupcake Deer works in a French Confectionery that makes the best sweets available in Deerville. When she’s not selling sugary treats, she likes to browse the local antique shops for treasures and afterward enjoys an afternoon tea at her favourite local cafe.

[On the left] Starlight Soda Deer runs the local observatory in Deerville. She is an astronomer and gazes out into the stars every night. She has discovered new galaxy’s and still wishes on shooting stars.
[On the right] Grape Tangerine Twist loves to go out dancing at Deerville’s hottest nightclub “The Roxy” and meet all the cute Does who are waiting for a dashing young Stag to ask them to dance. He loves to impress the ladies with all the hottest new dance moves.