Drawings: Girls Drawing Girls final sketch of Jasmine

Here’s my final drawing of Jasmine.  She will be printed in Volume IV of ‘Flora + Fauna’, the annual Girls Drawing Girls book, along with the work of quite a few amazing female artists (check out the GDG website for artist links). I wanted to keep Jasmine looking soft so I kept her colour palette washed out and subtle. She’s holding a tuxedo kitty plush, which is a nod to my sweet kitty whom I miss dearly. ❤

And one extra pic of her starting to be inked…

And here’s Lucky, my inspiration for Jasmine’s plush cat.

Art Show: Seven @ Ayden Gallery

Ayden Gallery is hosting a show called ‘Seven’ next month, in celebration of their 7th anniversary! Over 50 artists will add their personal touch to TOMS shoes. TOMS is a very noble shoe company: “With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One.” Some of the big names in the show are: Ben Tour, Camilla d’Errico, Lani Imre, Kristian Adam, Mandy Tsung, Peter Ricq, Peter Taylor and Peeta. The shoes will be on display and up for auction through the month of February. All proceeds go to charity. More info in this article.

Ayden has asked me to participate in the show! Here are a few shots of my TOMS shoes. I chose to work with my size; Women’s size 7. You can see I’m adding the base colour in the top right-hand pic. More sneak peeks coming soon… 😀

In Progress: 3rd Tuttz Custom Vici

Here’s a sneak peek at my 3rd Tuttz custom; Vici. I’m so happy that he’s… FINISHED! I promise pics this weekend. 😀 I had to put him on hold for a while because I fractured my hand and was unable to use it for a few months. But now I can draw and use a paint brush, so it’s about time I got him done! This pic was taken while I was painting the lettering on his toes. He will be for sale soon. Stay tuned…

Check out my 2nd Tuttz custom Vidi and my 1st Tuttz custom Veni. Both are sculpted by Argonaut Resins.

In progress: Tuttz customs, Part 1

Argonaut Resins has revealed its latest resin figure… Tuttz! Argo has asked me to be a guest artist on this project and hand paint 3 blank custom Tuttz. I painted a Kalua Moola and Destroyer custom for Argo a few months ago, so I am stoked to be painting these figures and can’t wait to lay down the first drop of paint on these guys! In progress pics to come soon…

For the collector, Argonaut Resins plans on releasing Tuttz in waves; available exclusively through selected online shops. The Jade versions (+ 1 painted variant) will only be available via Plastic & Plush (www.plasticandplush.com), and the Ash versions (+ 1 painted variant) will only be available via Spanky Stokes (www.spankystokes.com). Keep an eye on the Argonaut Resins blog ( http://argonautsresin.blogspot.com) for more updates on the release of Tuttz, as I hear there will be more coloured editions coming soon…

Photos: My Apartment

I moved to Vancouver just over a month ago, and here are some pics from my apartment. 🙂

My sewing machine is all set up and ready to go.  I LOVE this sewing area, it’s my favourite place to work because of the view. 🙂

Here’s a bunch of deer that are cut out and waiting to be stuffed.

“Snow Falling on Poppies” by Krista Huot.

Left Top: “Two Sisters” by Audrey Kawasaki / Left Bottom: photo print by me!

Right: “A Want To Believe” by Eric Fortune (gift from an amazing friend!)
+ a bunch of other fun stuff like a signed Emilie Autumn poster (from another amazing friend!)

A selection of Mark Ryden’s postcards from his “Snow Yak Show Microportfolio”.

Some of my toy collection + DIY vinyls waiting to be customized…

Me!  …watching Amelie. 🙂