Urban Vinyl: CONQUEST custom resin 8″ Tuttz

Introducing…. ‘CONQUEST‘, my first 8 inch resin custom Tuttz (sculpted by Eric of Argonaut Resins). ‘Conquest’ will be available for purchase on Thursday, April 26th at 1pm EST at emilybee.bigcartel.com! (check the timezone converter for your correct timezone)

Conquest has been on a difficult journey, encountering many kinds of obstacles along the way. He has looked into the face of his own fears until they no longer scare him anymore. Conquest has deep battle scars, yet through it all he has come out victorious. Perseverance and persistence has made him stronger.

[click on the image above to see a larger version]

Urban Vinyl: ‘Love’ custom resin Tuttz Mini

Love‘ is my Tuttz Mini custom (sculpted by Eric of Argonaut Resins). His name is painted just above his bleeding heart and his feet reveal his original pink resin base. This is my first Tuttz Mini custom and the smallest custom (4.5″) I’ve ever painted too! ‘Love’ will be available for purchase on Sunday, January 29th at 3pm EST at emilybee.bigcartel.com!

Love might be an itty bitty kitty, but someday he’ll grow into into a big feline with an even bigger heart.  He spends his days chasing birds and scratching up the side of the couch.  When he’s had his fun he likes to curl up in his owner’s lap for a long snooze.

[click on the image above to see a larger version]


Urban Vinyl: ‘Strength’ custom resin Tuttz

Introducing ‘Strength‘, my newest Tuttz custom (sculpted by Eric of Argonaut Resins). I painted him by hand and left a bit of his original pink resin base showing through around his face.  His name is wrapped around his neck.  This is my 4th Tuttz custom to date (you can see the rest of them here).  ‘Strength’ will be available for purchase on Wednesday, January 25th at 3pm EST at emilybee.bigcartel.com!

Strength may have a black heart, but he is surely not weak.  His name wraps around his neck, exuding power in a vulnerable area.  Strength stands strong during hard times that challenge him to the core, never wavering.

[click on the image above to see a larger version]



Urban Vinyl: Tuttz customs, Vici is unveiled!

The 3rd and last of my Tuttz customs is finally finished! I’ve named him “Vici” after the famous phrase by Julius Caesar: “Veni, Vidi, Vici.” (“I came, I saw, I conquered.”). Vici will be for sale in my Etsy shop this Thursday at 12:00 noon PST, and will be priced at $150. He is completely hand painted by me with acrylic paints and sealed. He was sculpted and cast by END of Argonaut Resins. He measures 6.5 inches high, he’s one-of-a-kind and signed on the bottom. You can see my other two Tuttz customs here: Veni and Vidi.

Vici’s Story (“I conquered”)
Vici has come a long way to be where he is now. He’s been through very difficult times but he’s survived. The bloody heart he bares on his shield shows others of his past… he’s faced his demons and come out on top. This heart has strength. “You’ve got to find the strength inside to lead you out of here. One steps guides another till the way becomes clear.” ~Down On Love by Sarah Blasko

In Progress: 3rd Tuttz Custom Vici

Here’s a sneak peek at my 3rd Tuttz custom; Vici. I’m so happy that he’s… FINISHED! I promise pics this weekend. 😀 I had to put him on hold for a while because I fractured my hand and was unable to use it for a few months. But now I can draw and use a paint brush, so it’s about time I got him done! This pic was taken while I was painting the lettering on his toes. He will be for sale soon. Stay tuned…

Check out my 2nd Tuttz custom Vidi and my 1st Tuttz custom Veni. Both are sculpted by Argonaut Resins.