Drawings: Rabbit Girl is my Alter Ego // Drawing Challenge #1

As I explained a couple posts ago, I have been a little disconnected with my muse. This month I have been trying to incorporate new things into my life to try to promote self-growth (as this missing muse extends into other areas of my life too). One of these new things is participating in a 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I am hoping that: 1) it will encourage me to draw more frequently, 2) push my creativity, 3) teach myself how to draw digitally. And maybe by the end of it I will have a few nice drawings. My goal is to create 30 digital drawings regardless of how many days it takes (because creating a final drawing in 1 day does not work with my schedule!).

30 DAY DRAWING CHALLENGE #1 – Yourself or your persona.

This piece is called “Alter Ego”. Why did I choose a rabbit mask as my alter ego? Well, when I was 3 years old I assumed the identity of a rabbit girl & I refused to be called ‘Emily’. Emily did not exist. This lasted for about a year. My poor parents! This is my first attempt at colouring with a pen tablet. It was more ‘natural’ then I expected, although I have A LOT to learn. I started with a pencil sketch first instead of drawing the image in the computer as I’m not very confident with drawing digitally — just yet. I hope that by the time I’m finished the challenge I will have improved my techniques a bit. I definitely could have gone further with this drawing and cleaned it up more, but I kinda got lazy and wanted to move onto the next challenge. 😛

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