Reflections of 2011

I thought it would be fun to make a list reflecting on all the major things I did in my life this year, as I made a similar post last year.

2011 in review:

  • I lived in: Vancouver, London England (which has been a lifelong goal) + Nova Scotia.
  • I traveled to: Amsterdam, Paris, Zürich, Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Bassano Del Grappa, Salzburg, Munich, Berlin, Miami, Seattle, Toronto and Halifax (I’ve got over 5000 photos to prove it, lol).
  • I worked on 3 movies this year: THE THING, HOP, and JOHN CARTER.
  • I was in a 2-person art show at Trace Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland where I displayed over 40 original pieces.
  • I also displayed my artwork in 4 group shows (in the UK [at ‘Kid Robot’ which has always been one of my goals] + in Canada).
  • I had a short film in the Nokia N8 film competition held at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
  • I acquired 2 new tattoos: ‘Love’ + ‘Strength’ written on both wrists to remind me that I carry those aspects with me at all times… because at moments last year I believed I had neither (which is completely untrue!).
  • I tried these ‘exotic’ foods: chicken feet, escargot, and foie gras. (Not to mention tons of cheese and wine!)
  • I lived with (4) flatmates for the first time. They were super cool, but I still prefer my own space.
  • I traveled by myself for the first time, navigating through countries that I don’t speak the language.
  • I went out at night to bars + clubs by myself for the first time + enjoyed it.
  • I kept up my roller derby training while skating with the London Rollergirls Rec League + the Riptide Rollers.
  • I finally re-visited my Grandparents at the cemetery since they were buried there over 10 years ago.
  • I learned to open up, trust + love again, despite last year’s events that destroyed my heart. Things didn’t work out how I had hoped this year (AKA my cat is still the #1 guy in my life – haha), but I won’t try to force what shouldn’t be anymore.  I have the rest of my life to figure that out anyways.
  • I met A LOT of amazing new friends (colleagues + artists), met up with old friends who live in various European cities, and reconnected with a few more friends who flew over from ‘across the pond’ to visit Europe (and me!); all of whom have touched my heart immensely and will stay there forever. ❤

Overall I found my independence + inner strength this year. I did a lot of things on my own for the first time.  I had ups + downs and faced some pretty challenging situations. Some things were a bit scary at first, but once I got through the initial fear + centered myself… getting through it really empowered me!  Now I understand the saying that whatever doesn’t defeat you makes you stronger.  I learned how to let go.  I learned to be more self-sufficient.  I finally felt happy being in my own skin.  Next year I hope to create more art, do more traveling, meet more awesome people and experience more that this world has to offer! Last year I mentioned that I was ‘ready to fly’. This year I spread my wings. Next year I will soar. 🙂

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