Etsy: New MOHAWK Deer + Mini Ghostie plush!

More plushies hit my Etsy shop today.  The ones I’m most excited about releasing are my new twist on my deer plush line — plush deer with mohawks! These hip and trendy deer love to spike their soft furry hair. 😀

[Left] Strawberry Kiwi Deer loves to go to the spa. She gets the works: facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, you name it! Her guilty pleasure is reading all the trashy celebrity gossip magazines while she’s there.
[Right] Peach Bluberry Tartlette Deer owns a pastery shop filled with the most mouth watering sweets in Deerville. She bakes all the scones, croissants, danishes and everything else that is displayed behind the glass counter. When she’s not baking, she’s learning how to skydive. 🙂

[Left] Peach Blueberry Tartlette Deer with mohawk is a cousin of the other Peach Blueberry Tartlette Deer without mohawk. Sometimes they even get themselves confused! They love Halloween because they can dress up in entirely different costumes — however, they call each other ahead of time to ensure that they won’t be wearing the same thing!
[Right] Professor Bubble Tea Deer has a famous laboratory where all the wonderful flavours of Deerville’s Bubble Tea are created, mixed and made into drinks. He has pioneered the Bubble Tea industry and has become extremely wealthy off of “the world’s greatest taste buds”, as he puts it. (He also wants you to know that Bubble Tea is also called “Pearl Milk Tea” and “Boba Tea” in different parts of the world.) 😉

  • Mini Brown Ghostie helps you to feel grounded and wholesome again.
  • Mini White Ghostie absorbs negative energies that are blocking you from clear and pure thinking.
  • Mini Green Ghostie helps to settle things down if everything around you is growing too fast.


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