Urban Vinyl: ‘Without You’ custom resin 8″ Tuttz

Without You is my new Tuttz custom. He’s 8 inches tall and hand painted with acrylic. (If you missed it, there’s an in progress pic of him here.) He’s the first Tuttz custom I decided to keep because he’s very personal to me… he was inspired by recent losses in my life. The broken, bleeding heart is pretty self-explanatory, and the shards of diamonds are to give the effect that he’s shattering. I went through a huge emotional process creating & completing him.

Life Without You rips me apart to my core. I am forced to continue my journey through life without your warm body by my side. My body and mind fight against that idea every second of every day. I am forced to reevaluate who I am. But who am I without you… when you are on my mind, in the blood of my veins and in the depth of my soul. Life will be different, but it will never be the same without you…

[click on the image above to see a larger version]

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