Urban Vinyl + Plush: Custom Mini Skully Show

I finally was able to make it out to Chuckwa to see the Custom Mini Skully Show in person! It was awesome. I was really impressed with the layout of the show. It was really clean and each piece flowed nicely from one to the next. There were so many amazing customs on display (over 90 artists participated!), that I felt really proud to be a part of this show! 😀

Here’s a close-up of the shelf my customs were on:

On the left: [Bubblegum Crisis by J-R00] I thought it was so cool that this guy made his own packaging! :O
In the middle: [Delicious Drip by Follow The White Rabbit (me!)] (Click here to see more pics of the customs I submitted.)
On the right: [Skully Deer by Follow The White Rabbit (me!)] (Click here to see more pics of the customs I submitted.)

ALL the pieces in the show were so awesome and so unbelievably creative.  It was so inspiring to see such different results with the same figure.  Some people attached or sculpted 3-dimensional object to their Skully, others painted theirs, while some made Skully-inspired art instead.  I didn’t get pics of all the pieces (don’t worry, there are a lot of pics on Flickr), but I thought I’d post this selection of some the customs I really liked:

[Champagne Kisses & Berry Blue Martini by Tsai-fi] I’ve been a fan of her work for a while now. Visit her Etsy shop here! 🙂

On the left: [Silly Cephelapod Jr by Brandon Dicks] I loved this one. The placement of the mouth and bowtie were a great ideas. 🙂 The paint job on this was so clean and precise.
On the right: [Must Killa by Gods & Monsters] I really like the bold colours and how the bottom was left white.  (Also, a nod to Chuckwa for great display set-up with the mirror!)

On the left: [Seena is a Hell Clown by Brainstrikers’ Artdenka] I loved the bold designs and colours in this one.
On the right: [Pirate Skullypus by Shelly Rodriguez] This one had a really nice paint job. Visit Shelly’s blog!

On the left: [Skullytie by Gammaraybots] This one was just genius! 🙂
On the right: [Sad Fancy by Vivian Nguyen] The crows on this were really cute.

More great blogging coverage of this show was done by Spanky Stokes (who has a video of all the pieces) and David Silva (who had a sweet custom in the show). 🙂 Click here to see ALL the pieces from the show. If you’re interested in purchasing a custom, please email: skullyshow@chuckwa.com

If you’re on Facebook, you can become a fan of Chuckwa because they’re awesome.  So awesome that they used my Skully custom as their profile pic!!! 😉

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