Urban Vinyl: Toyssssss!

My newest aquisitions! 😀

Original Pandara (limited edition of 20) + Blue Anniversary Pandara (limited edition of 5) by Paul Shih.  Blue Pandara was a gift from my awesome friend PodgyPanda. ❤

Junko Mizuno Dunny (3/50) from the Femme Fatale series + Skull Boy SDCC 2010 exclusive (limited edition of 60) by Junko Mizuno.  Junko signed the top of his head for me! 😀

Seiko (1/20) from the Pure Trance blind box series by Junko Mizuno.

Seiko the idol loved singing since she was a child. After numerous auditions, she was finally discovered and followed the path of the very pop stars she always admired. However, lately she has grown sick and tired of her managers forcing her to hide her own personality and act like someone else.

Pocket Gator Mummy (Piderman) + Pocket Mummy Boy, both SDCC 2010 exclusives by Brian Flynn + Super7.

Original Rose Vampire + Clear Green Rose Vampire SDCC 2010 exclusive by Josh Herbolshimer + Super7.  Josh drew a heart on Clear Green for me! ❤

My mantle.  Lots o toys + prints by Krista Huot + PodgyPanda!

And last but not least, my haul from SDCC 2010 (tagged on Flickr).