In progress: Deer + Pipos Dali BJD

Not much is new with me other than I’m continuing to work 60-70hr weeks on the movie G-Force. I have a few deer in progress that should be finished by this upcoming weekend. I also have a couple plush pieces in progress for an upcoming gallery show (but I’ll save that for a future post).

Since I’ve been working long hours, I decided to treat myself to a Pipos Dali grey rabbit BJD. She’s fully articulated and came with default makeup and blue eyes (which I plan on eventually swapping out for another colour). She is wearing a Blythe dress made by HiBlythe. I have 3 other full sized BJD’s, but they are all in storage (along with sooo many other things >_>). Pipos Dali is only 12 inches high, so she’s much more portable. I luff her! ♥

[Pipos Dali BJD (photo by me) I really like how the 50mm f/1.4 lens made everything soft yet kept her eye in sharp focus– I was just testing out this lens, and now I really want to get my own!. (More pics here.)]