Etsy: New Mini Rabbits + DeceptiDeer + Needle Felting

A new batch of Mini Rabbits have hit my Etsy shop! Mini Rabbits are little stuffed toys especially made for Pullips, Blythes, Momokos and other 1/6th scale dolls. They love being carried around and hugged! 🙂

My ex requested a Decepticon inspired deer since he loves Transformers and wanted a special deer for himself.  The deer had to be black & purple colour scheme with red eyes.  I added a smokey look around the eyes to make the deer look more menacing. I hand embroidered the Decepticon symbol.  It was fun making something a little bit different from my usual deer design.

Below is my first attempt at Needle Felting. The mushroom measures about 1.5 inches high, and it was fairly easy to make once I got the hang of it.  I’d love to try making a mini deer next time.  I bought this mushroom kit at the Urban Craft Center in Santa Monica. UCC is a really cool place and offers craft classes, check it out if you’re in LA!