Etsy: Mushroom Magnets!

I’ve completed the first batch of my Mushroom Magnets, and they’re available for sale in my Etsy shop in sets of three: Red Mushrooms, Forest Mushrooms, Fairytale Mushrooms and Poisonous Mushrooms. ^_^


In progress: Mushroom magnets, part 2

Here’s another sneak peek of how the mushroom magnets are turning out. I took a couple pics of the finished ones on my fridge, holding up my MOO cards. They’ll be listed in my Etsy shop in a week or two, but I need to finish up a few commissions first. ^_^

In progress: Mushroom magnets

Matryoshkas and tea bag plushie magnets, look out (and move over)! Mushroom magnets are now in progress!

Okay, I must admit… I love mushrooms. They are so cute! And after sewing tons of deer, rabbits and dollies that could easily all come from a magical forest in Wonderland, the mushroom has entered my life and jumped on my fridge. I’m in the process of making different coloured mushrooms, which will be available in sets of 3. Because who doesn’t want mushrooms on their fridge!