Etsy Plush Team: State Fair (Sideshow)

The theme of Plush Team‘s current challenge is “State Fair”, with three categories, one being “Sideshow Creatures”. I was attracted to this category immediately, because I felt I could have the most creative freedom with it. I thought of conjoined twins right off the bat, when two French girls suddenly appeared in my head. Although Sideshows are in very bad taste, it was often the only line of work for people who were disfigured. Instead of making conjoined twins as part of a freak show type environment, I decided to give them a very fortunate upbringing. I would like to introduce Georgette & Lisette:

Georgette & Lisette are heiresses to a very large French fortune. Their parents have made sure to bring up their conjoined girls in a proper and civilized manner, therefore they must have perfect hair, perfect manners, and they must dress in frilly things at all times. After all, they must be presentable for their parents’ frequent dinner guests. Although Georgette & Lisette have been showered with more gifts than they know what to do with, their favourite toy in the world is their black stuffed bear, Sébastien. They squabble over who gets to hold him, which once resulted in an unfortunate incident where Sébastien lost an eye. The girls are quite well-mannered otherwise, although they still will not reveal to me which one is Georgette and which one is Lisette.

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