Made In Mexico show @ Bear & Bird Gallery

Today I wanted to talk about the new piece of art I just bought from the fantastic artist Cecy Meade!  The other day I was perusing the Bear & Bird Boutique & Gallery (where I will have a piece in their Stitch Wars show this summer), and saw that their current show Made In Mexico was online. I looked through their online shop and saw a beautiful original piece by one of my favorite artists Cecy Meade and immediatly bought it. $20 for an original piece of artwork was more than a deal!  I have been following Cecy Meade on Flickr for a while now (and have been totally blown away every time I see her work), so to own a piece of her artwork equals happiness for me! ♥

This is the piece I bought.  I love the untraditional brown paper, the bright colours and the lines are so bold and confident.  She reminds me of a John Kricfalusi (creator of Ren & Stimpy) style of cute girl.  I’m very happy to add her to my art collection. 🙂

Orange Hair A Girl by Cecy Meade

Go and check out the work from the Made In Mexico show that is available in Bear & Bird’s online shop. You just might find a piece of art that is both awesome and totally affordable. 🙂 You can also check out Bear & Bird’s Flickr for pics of the whole show.