Etsy Plush Team: Renegade Chicago Part 2

Plush Team was a big hit at Renegade Chicago this past weekend, despite enduring massive rain storms. Take a look at some of the incredibly talented artists in Plush Team’s booth:

[Plush Team at Renegade, originally uploaded by PterodactylPants Plush.]

And here’s a pic of my plushies saying hello, all the way from Chicago! ^_^

[Follow The White Rabbit at Renegade, originally uploaded by PterodactylPants Plush.]

If you would like to see more plush art that was featured at Plush Team’s booth, please check out more of PterodactylPants Plush photos.


Etsy Plush Team: Renegade Chicago

If you are in the Chicago area this weekend, please stop by Renegade Chicago. It is one of the biggest DIY craft shows in America, with over 300 artists! I will have my plushies for sale there (along with other amazingly talented artists of PT) at Plush Team‘s booth (#70). Please come out and support indie artists! ^_^

Location: Chicago / Division St. between Damen & Hermitage in Wicker Park
Time: September 13th – 14th from 12 noon – 10pm
Cost: Free

Etsy Plush Team: State Fair (Sideshow)

The theme of Plush Team‘s current challenge is “State Fair”, with three categories, one being “Sideshow Creatures”. I was attracted to this category immediately, because I felt I could have the most creative freedom with it. I thought of conjoined twins right off the bat, when two French girls suddenly appeared in my head. Although Sideshows are in very bad taste, it was often the only line of work for people who were disfigured. Instead of making conjoined twins as part of a freak show type environment, I decided to give them a very fortunate upbringing. I would like to introduce Georgette & Lisette:

Georgette & Lisette are heiresses to a very large French fortune. Their parents have made sure to bring up their conjoined girls in a proper and civilized manner, therefore they must have perfect hair, perfect manners, and they must dress in frilly things at all times. After all, they must be presentable for their parents’ frequent dinner guests. Although Georgette & Lisette have been showered with more gifts than they know what to do with, their favourite toy in the world is their black stuffed bear, Sébastien. They squabble over who gets to hold him, which once resulted in an unfortunate incident where Sébastien lost an eye. The girls are quite well-mannered otherwise, although they still will not reveal to me which one is Georgette and which one is Lisette.

They are available in My Etsy Shop.

Etsy Plush Team: Scavenger Hunt Contest

Plush Team is celebrating its one year anniversary by hosting a scavenger hunt contest! The goal is to find “PT Stitchy”, the Plush Team mascot hidden in participating Plush Team Etsy shops. There are 16 hidden PT Stitchy’s in total. Once you’ve found them all, email Redmag with each item listing number.

The game starts today, and ends on June 6th. The winner will be announced on June 9th, in Plush Team’s blog.

These are the participating shops:


This is what PT Stitchy looks like:

And this is the grand prize!

[My Blueberry Deer is a prize, too! ^_^]

Etsy Plush Team: Favourite Childhood Plush

This was my second project with Plush Team. We had to create a plushie based on our favourite childhood plush. This was a very fun challenge because it gave me a chance to pull out my old toys that have been stored away for far too long.

My most favourite childhood plush was a rabbit puppet. As you can see (in the pic below), she has been well loved. I loved her because she was a rabbit (my favourite animal as a child), and she was a puppet so I could easily bring her to life (foreshadowing a future career in animation, perhaps!). I named her Jessica Rabbit (*not* after the curvy lady in Who Framed Roger Rabbit — I named her at least 5 years before that movie was released!), but rather she was named/inspired after my brother Jesse. I was almost 3 when my baby brother was born, and I guess either by jealousy or love (or both!) shortly afterwards I took on the persona of a rabbit — “Jessica Rabbit” that is, for the duration of a year when I was a little girl. I would *only* answer to the name “Jessica”… at home, school, etc. I was quite adamant that I was Jessica Rabbit (I was really a bunny living as a human), and I would even sign my paintings as “Jessica Rabbit” (while some kids in my preschool couldn’t even write their own names — I bet the teachers loved me! lol). So, my childhood plush Jessica Rabbit is quite a meaningful toy to me, and now, years later I’m still finding that rabbits are influencing my life to this day! ^_^

Anyways, why don’t I show you what I made! ^_^ This is Baby Rabbit. I tried to used the same colours on her body that were in the original plush, and I wanted to make her look handmade, so I added obvious stitching with dark brown thread where I could. I wanted the design of her face to be similar to the original, so I gave her a prominent nose, with a stitched nose and frowning mouth. I didnt’t have eyes like the original plush has, but I thought these red button eyes were really cute for her. I thought about making her ears fall backwards behind her head, instead of forwards, but I like her ears perked up, and her ears are flexible enough that they can be folded backwards, stand up at attention, or folded down in a relaxed pose.

Jessica and Baby Rabbit meet in a momentous occassion. They instantly become friends, and Jessica assumes the role of mother. ^_^

She is now available for sale in my Etsy shop. Wooden mushrooms can be purchased at Craftsty’s shop.

Etsy Plush Team: Fairytale Project – The Little Mermaid

This was my first challenge with Etsy’s Plush Team, and it was a lot of fun! I was partnered up with the very sweet Area Thrifty One, and she chose The Little Mermaid as her favourite fairytale. She’s a big fan of the Hans Christian Anderson version, and has never seen the Disney version of this story, although she loves a very tragic anime version of the story that premiered in 1979. So, I wanted to try and make my plush capture the emotions of the original fairytale, stay away from the one that is heavily merchandised, but possibly keep her animated looking. After several sketches, this is what I came up with:

Area Thrifty One said that she really likes the darkness that fairytales have (I have to agree with her!). She loves The Little Mermaid sculpture in Copenhagen, because she looks so sad as she stares out at sea, since she is not really part of the land, and she is no longer a part of the sea.

At first I thought of giving The Little Mermaid legs and feet, try to show her sadness of being removed from the sea, but then I thought she wouldn’t really look like The Little Mermaid upon first glance (and there’s no way I could come close to replicating the famous statue in Copenhagen!). So I decided to keep her in mermaid form, but to make her sad, and to definitely stay away from the identifiable Disney colours. ^_~

This was my first sketch for The Little Mermaid plush. It captured her sadness, but this design was way too complicated and time-consuming. But, I still like how this sketch turned out. ^_^

This photo shows the progress of The Little Mermaid plush.
#1 – First I sketch out my plush designs on small scraps of paper. I decided on the one on the bottom right-hand corner. I liked the simplified shape, and how her hair looked like water.
#2 – Next I sketched out the plush design in the actual size I wanted it to be. I tried to keep the shapes simplified.
#3 – Then I cut my pattern out of plastic tablecloth (a little trick I learned from my Mom — it makes the pattern last a long time). This is my “master pattern”. From this, I made more patterns of just the skin, then the tail, the hair, etc.
#4 – Then I cut out the felt, and place everything together. At this point I had already sewn blue thread into the hair.

I added netting on the blue background to symbolize her feeling of being trapped. There are a couple of starfish trapped in the net, too. ^_^

The Little Mermaid has been made with felt, mesh, and she’s been both machine and hand sewn. She will be available in my Etsy shop. Thanks Plush Team & Moons Creations for a very fun challenge. Area Thrifty One, I hope I did your fairytale justice! ^_^;