Drawings: Foxes!

I’ve been feeling quite sad and un-inspired with my art lately. I haven’t drawn in weeks, and I haven’t painted in months. :/ I keep wondering where has my muse gone?  So today I pushed myself to draw. I’ve had animals on my mind a lot lately, and the fox is one of them. Because I don’t have a live fox on hand, I googled images of foxes and started drawing… and came out with three pages! O____O Some of the anatomy is kind of strange, and some of them look like cats, but the point was to be inspired enough to draw something.  Without further adieu, here are the naughty little foxes:

Drawings: Zoo Animals

I went to the Munich Zoo a few weeks ago to draw the animals. The last time I made a trip to the Zoo to draw was back in college, so I haven’t drawn animals in a really long time! The zoo was small but beautiful, with ‘typical’ zoo animals and a farm animal section. The weather was a bit cold and damp so I opted to draw with a black marker instead of my usual col-erase pencil because drawing on damp paper with pencil is icky.

I wrote down all the animal names in German to try to learn them. I found out that ‘Schneeziege’ (cutest name ever — it literally means ‘Snow Goat’) is a Mountain Goat. All the little German kids excitedly yelled ‘Schneeziege!!!’ when they saw it, then quickly became bored when all it did was stand around eating grass. lol

Check out more sketches below…

↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓

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Drawings: Café Sketches

I bring my sketchbook everywhere I go just incase I stop for a cup of coffee and get the inspiration to draw.  Here are some café sketches I’ve done in the past couple of weeks:

[Granada, Oct 2012]

[Granada, Oct 2012]

[Munich, Oct 2012]

Drawing/Painting: Totoro

I was recently commissioned to create my version of the much loved Japanese character Totoro, created by Hayao Miyazaki. I love Totoro (who doesn’t!), and I drew him from my favourite scene in the movie when he is standing at the bus stop. First I sketched him out, then inked him, then cut him out + fused him to a painted canvas. 🙂