Drawings: Creative Inspiration & Skull Album Cover

Today was finally a good day for drawing! OMG.. I’ve been very uninspired to draw for a couple months which has had me a little concerned. This week I had a discussion with a local pottery artist about losing & reclaiming one’s artistic creativity. She is also in a creative rut and hasn’t created anything in a while.  We talked about how it feels without art in our life, and we both agreed that something feels empty, like there is a piece missing. But we continue on day by day without our art, getting used to the empty feeling until we are ready to fill it back up again with creative fire. Like a bear that hibernates until it awakens in the Spring.  I realized that every artist must go through times like this, and it’s OK to feel disconnected from our creative sides. Perhaps we are going through something that is not art-related and it needs more attention than the creative part of our brain. I gave her advice and encouragement, and before I knew it I realized that I really needed to hear what I was saying too!

So today I woke up with some inspiration to make this a Drawing Day.  I started by playing around with some of my skull drawings in Photoshop with a pen tablet. I’m still pretty old school when it comes to drawing — I’m a straight up pencil & paper girl, and never use a tablet. But now I’d like to try incorporating digital drawing into my creative process. So I made an album cover for a band I would be in — in an alternate universe where I actually play an instrument. 😛

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