Urban Vinyl: SORROW 8″ Qee Custom

For the first time I am offering SORROW, my 8 inch Qee Toy2R custom for sale in my shop at emilybee.bigcartel.com! Sorrow was originally made for my two-person exhibit “Fantastic Heroes” at The Trace Gallery in December 2011. He was made with his mate ‘Sweet’ (who has already sold, but you can see them both here).

Sweet and Sorrow were inspired by William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’. At one point in the play Juliet says goodbye to Romeo with the famous quote: ‘Parting is such sweet sorrow.’ This oxymoron combines contradictory ideas of pleasure + pain. Saying goodbye to Romeo triggers deep sadness in Juliet, but that sadness also reminds her of her love for him, and for this reason it is sweet. These emotions are symbolized by the heart shields on their chest. I wanted to give an impression that they were both wearing armor, and that their feelings of sorrow come from the true identity behind the mask.


Urban Vinyl: FOR SALE: 5 customs in 4 weeks

For the first time I will be offering 5 of my handpainted customs in my online shop that have only been previously available via galleries. All of these customs have been created specifically for gallery shows, so if there is a custom you’ve had your eye on, now is your chance to own it!

These customs will drop: September 4th, 12th, 19th, 25th, and 27th at: emilybee.bigcartel.com. Each time a custom becomes available, I will tweet about it & write a special blog-piece so no one misses out.

Here is a sneak peek at the customs I will be offering.. can you guess who they are?