Photos: Salzburg

My travels also took me to Salzburg, Austria for a couple days. Salzburg is a very small and peaceful city. The buildings are all very beautiful, and the view from Hohensalzburg Castle was outstanding! But, I felt like the youngest person there as there were so many senior groups there at the time.

Salzburg is also Mozart’s birthtown so I had to visit the museum, which is in the house he grew up in. Many things were on display like his musical instruments, his hand written symphonies and even locks of his hair! My favourite things in the museum were the love letters written to his wife:

“Adieu — my love — my only one. Do catch them in the air — those 2999 1/2 little kisses from me which are flying about, waiting for someone to snap them up.”
~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to his wife Constanze 

Wow… talk about amazing! He was quite the catch! Haha.

This was the first time I’ve traveled alone. I didn’t know what to expect, but everything turned out great. I navigated Italian/Austrian bus/train connections on my own (almost missed my bus out of Venice!), and I stayed in a dorm room in a hostel to force myself out of my comfort zone by socializing with complete strangers. I thoroughly enjoyed my time discovering the city at my own pace. I would totally travel by myself again!

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