Photos: Vancouver with a Holga 120N

Here are some of my first pics from my Holga 120N camera (it uses real film)! It was my first time shooting with a Holga, and to say I was nervous is an understatement! (The last time I shot with real film was last summer with a 35mm disposible camera) Because it’s not a digital camera (nor takes batteries) there’s no way to check and see if the pic has turned out or not. You just point + shoot and hope everything turns out okay. The Holga has a viewfinder so you don’t actually look through the lens when taking a pic (unlike just about every digital camera out there), so you have to judge the focal distance yourself. I had no idea if anything was turning out, but after getting my pics developed I learned that the Holga has a large focal distance so chances are that things will be in focus. I got 10 pics from a 12 pic roll because I had the lens cap on for 2 of the pics (haha). I had to go to a special store in Vancouver to have the roll developed because no one develops 120mm format film. The cost to get the roll on CD (no prints) was $20.00! :O It’s a little pricey but after seeing how the pics turned out I can’t wait to go out and shoot more!

I love how this pic of Yaletown looks like it was taken in the 40’s (minus the new cars of course).

Table + chair legs on the patio @ JJ Bean.

This is using the fisheye lens. I’m not sure why the film screwed up, but I really like the imperfections of the Holga for this reason!

Here I’m experimenting with double-exposures (so awesome that the Holga lets you do that!).

Eros Bendato Scrippolato by Igor Mitoraj, from the city-wide art exhibit Vancouver Biennale:
“This work depicts a fragment of an ancient monument to Eros, the god of love, here blindfolded, suggesting that love is blind.”


2 thoughts on “Photos: Vancouver with a Holga 120N

  1. Emmy, these are wonderful! I thought at first that they WERE from the 40’s or 50’s…and then I saw the cars!
    Those old cameras made a person be frugal about taking photos, that’s for sure. Still, lots of people miss them and I wonder if there will be a revival at some point.
    I can totally relate to the lens cap thing. Ha ha!! It’s happened to me too.
    I can’t wait to see what you do with this ‘new’ technology.
    Love your work! xo

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