Photos: Winter In The Maritimes

Here are a few shots of Bear River, Nova Scotia when we had a HUGE snowstorm that kept schools closed and left mail undeliverable. Although it was a nuisance (we were snowed in and could not even get the car out of the driveway!), it was beautiful and so picturesque.

The photo below is a snow sculpture in Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec. I spotted a bunch of sculptors out around 8am carving huge figures for the winter carnival. I admired their dedication — not only was it super early, but it was SUPER FREEZING, too! Rivière-du-Loup is a very cute and quaint town in Quebec, along the Trans-Canada-Highway near the New Brunswick border. It means “Wolf River” in French. My dentist is convinced that it’s named after the “Loup Garou” AKA the legendary werewolf! haha. 🙂

The last pic is the view looking west across the frozen Saint-Laurent River in Quebec. It was an icy cold -12C degrees that day, but the colours were so soft and pretty!

2 thoughts on “Photos: Winter In The Maritimes

  1. i just came across your blog and love all your stuff… Im from alberta so a fellow canadian:) i will say we got lucky here this year we havent had any big winter storms at all and are snow is practically gone:)

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