Inspiration: New Acquisitions

I added some new pieces to my collection this month.  The first thing is Krista Huot‘s latest print “The Key”.   It’s a limited edition print numbered at 3/25 and was released at her “Nepenthe” solo show at Gallery 1988, San Francisco.  Check out all the work from the show here:

The next thing I purchased is the Sweet Monster Fulcraim by Kaijin. He comes with a laminated certificate that indicates the show he was launched at (Kaijin Exhibition @ One Up, Tokyo, June 9-15, 2008) and is number 67/80.  He has two faces and is full of hot pink awesomeness!

I also picked up the 3 inch Mori Chack Dunny à la Gloomy Bear style from the 2009 Dunny Series. And my friend Troy Stith sent me his DIY Lil’ Lucha Dentadura! Troy hand casts his own resin figures, which I think is awesome. I plan on customizing this little guy soon.

And last but not least, my sweet friend Leeanna Butcher sent me these gorgeous Alice In Wonderland postcards!  It’s been a great month! ❤

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