Plush: Sissiboo for Kat Brunnegraff

Sissiboo was made especially for my super talented artist friend Kat Brunnegraff, who wanted a foresty-themed doll. She has an obsession with owls, so I thought it was fitting to name her doll Sissiboo (the word has owl roots… see below) and is also a local name here in Nova Scotia, Canada! 🙂

Sissiboo’s Story:
Sissiboo ran through the winter forest towards the rushing sound of the river. She got to the river’s edge and looked at her surroundings. It was chilly and there was snow on the ground. Parts of the river were frozen, but the stream still found a way through the ice and snow. A Great Horned Owl suddenly swooped down and landed on a stump next to her; sending up a cloud of snowflakes as its wings flapped and folded in.

“Sissiboo, we have a matter to discuss.”, the Owl said as it nodded its head. “I’ve been chatting with my five owl brothers, and we have all agreed that we need to ask you for a favour.”

Sissiboo tilted her head slightly to the left with a curious look on her face.

Owl continued: “The Great Lady Kat of The Dominion of Ohio is one of our oldest friends. She is in great need of a forest companion, and we think you would be best suited for this task. She lives in the Silver Ohio Woods where the princesses and unicorns live and has a great menagerie of animal and monster friends.”

This sounded fantastic, but Sissiboo was a little unsure about leaving her familiar forest behind.

“Lady Kat knows the legendary Argyle Owl”, the Owl added, knowing that would sweeten the deal.

Sissiboo’s eyes widened… “The Argyle Owl!!!!”, she exclaimed, and thought about the magnificent purple and blue bird who sings melodies of rainbows and grants magical wishes. “Oh… when can I leave?! What should I pack? How far away is The Dominion of Ohio, and how do I get there?”, she asked while bouncing on the spot.

Owl chuckled and clicked his beak. “Not to worry dear little one, my five brothers and I will fly you there.”.

Sissiboo closed her eyes and said goodbye to her forest. The Great Owl hooted and flapped his wings. Five identical owls joined Great Owl as they swooped down and picked up Sissiboo gently in their talons. Sissiboo and the Six Owls sailed off into the cloudless sky towards the setting sun, and towards The Great Lady Kat in The Dominion of Ohio. 🙂

Origin of the name:
Sissiboo is the name of a river near the small town of Bear River, Nova Scotia. The legend behind the naming of the Sissiboo River is based upon a Loyalist settler who encountered members of the Mi’kmaq Nation. The Mi’kmaq wanted to show the Loyalist six owls that were in a tree nearby and pointed in the general direction of the tree, saying in French: “six hibou”. The loyalist thought that he was pointing at the river, which was in the same direction, and was saying: “Sissiboo”.

3 thoughts on “Plush: Sissiboo for Kat Brunnegraff

  1. Hi there emily, I just wanted to have a look at your plush toys and found this one. This is sooo awesome! I think your friend and I would get along…I’m also obsessed with owls…I love that myth too! It makes me want to research more stories from the 1st nations from back home….so inspiring! Looking forward to welcoming you to Munich.

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