Photos: Halifax

I had an opportunity to go into Halifax this weekend for the NSDCC Christmas Craft Market. My Dad was demo’ing his metal working techniques at the show for a few hours, so I took the opportunity to wander around outside to take a few pics.  One of the treats about going to the craft show was that it was located right next to Pier 21, the entry port that 1.5million immigrants came through on their journey to Canada (from 1928-1971), including my Grandfather in 1930!  It was a meaningful moment for me to see the place where my Grandfather began his new life.  I like the quote that was engraved into one of the plaques:

“I am young and old, rich and poor, free and enslaved, fleeing and seeking. I came from every part of the world, with family and alone, with nothing and everything. Two stories complete me – the story I came from and the story I started when I landed in Canada. These merge in the next generation into gratitude to a country which has made it possible for my children to have only one story – the Canadian story.
Pier 21 stands as an important marker of our past, and as a place to celebrate the continued contributions of newcomers to Canada.”

Although I’m enjoying my time in beautiful rural Bear River, it was sooo nice being in a vibrant city again with lots of urban landscapes and lights. 🙂

More pics here:


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