Kalua Moola Custom, Part 5

He’s finally done!!!! I’m so excited to finally unveil my completed Kalua Moola custom!   He took me a few weeks to paint, mainly because I wanted to go a good job, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to clean lines (I rework them until I’m satisfied they’re perfect) and I was having so much fun painting him that I didn’t want to stop!  lol.  Even though I start out with an initial sketch, I still let my inspiration guide me as I’m painting and and I re-evaluate my colour choices + designs as I go along. It’s a very organic and of course a very fun process!

I’ve named him “Tough Love“, and this is his backstory: Tough Love has a wounded heart that he protects behind his bandaged, bloody fists. He’s upset because he’s had enough of broken hearts, so he’s fighting back! Watch out, cause this tough little guy is on a mission of revenge, and might pop you in the eye if you’re not careful!

Kalua Moola was designed by Lord Mesa, sculpted by Eric Nocella Diaz, and custom painted by me! He’s now available in the Argonaut Resins store!

Below is a look at the detail on his back.  It’s hard to tell in this pic but, his tail is sculpted in 3D and super cute!  🙂  Here’s the BEFORE pic just incase you were curious what he looked like blank, and HERE is an archive of this custom in progress!  Click HERE for more pics!


Plush Deer Giveaway!!!

WIN A PLUSH DEER! It’s free to enter! All you have to do is leave a comment on TokyoBunnie’s blog (with your email so she has a way to contact you if you are a winner), and you could win one of my plush mohawked deer!!!!  There are other ways to score multiple votes, so please read the fine print.  😉  This is my first giveaway ever, and I’m very excited to have it hosted by TokyoBunnie, since I am a big fan of her blog!  😀   CLICK HERE TO ENTER.  The contest runs from today to September 11th.  Good luck! 😀

Lucky wins the Kitty-Gurumi Contest!

My cat Lucky won the Kitty-Gurumi Contest hosted by Moonscreations! He has been immortalized into amigurumi form! (I’m so proud of my boy! ♥) You can read all about the story here, and he can be purchased in Moonscreations’ Etsy Shop here.

I entered a few pics of my sweetheart, but it was this photo that won Moons over:

You see, Lucky bites his tongue by accident from time to time. He’ll be licking his fur and then get distracted mid lick. He forgets that his tongue is out and keeps it stuck out like that for a few minutes until he remembers to put it back in his mouth again! It’s kinda hard to tell in this pic, but his right eye is orange, and his left eye is green.  Both of his eyes started out green at first, but his right eye started changing to a rust colour over time. Now he’s 14 years old and his right eye is completely rust coloured. He can see fine out of both eyes — the vets are totally baffled by it!

And here is his backstory for the amigurumi plush listing:

Lucky is a cat who has lived up to his name. He is currently on his 5th life, after going through several near-death experiences. Despite his odd interest in risk-taking, he is very lovable, quirky and extremely vain. He insists on wearing a tuxedo every day of the year, and always makes sure his fur is clean and soft.

He loves posing for the camera, and sometimes will stick his tongue out at you if he thinks you’re being silly. He loves to be held in your arms, and will nestle his head into your shoulder if he thinks you are extra special.

He loves affection and will never say no to gentle pets or a scratching under his chin (when you do this, he tilts his head and his right eye twitches). Lucky is a loyal companion, and will always be there for you whenever you need a little bit of extra love.