In Progress: Kalua Moola Custom, Part 2

Below is a pic of my Kalua Moola custom with the first 2 or 3 coats of purple paint on him. This paint is very thin and takes several coats to build up a nice smooth opaque look (it took like 10 coats), so that’s why it looks a bit “patchy” right now. I left parts of him white because they will be painted different colours.  You can see my design + colour key sketch in the background. 😉

In this next pic, I’ve finished the purple base coat (you can see it’s nice and opaque after lots of layers), and I’ve started painting his eyes.  I like to start with the eyes because I think that really starts to bring the character and personality alive.  Do you like the yellow paint?  🙂   His nose, ears and bandages will be a different colour, so I’ve left them unpainted for now.

Next I added an outline around the eyes. I think his personality is really starting to come through. You can see what colour his ears will be….

More to come soon…


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