Photos: Stuff I’ve bought lately

Like the title says… just stuff I’ve bought lately. 🙂

Sweet Rum is one of the Steel Fairies made by Japanese designer Kaijin (one of my favourite vinyl artists). Sweet Rum is limited to 100 pieces, and comes in this amazing super fluorescent pink colour. Her paint smell reminds me of exactly the same type of paint my Dad used to use in his sign shop (nostalgia! ♥). She’s one of my favourite figures… OMG, luff her! ♥

[On the left] Tiruru Subcalism by Kaijin.  I absolutley LOVE this new figure.  The turquoise is wild!  Tiruru is from the “Mysterious Island Jambara” series, and limited to 50 pieces.
[On the right] Cutie Cane (2/16) by Flowbots.  Hard to resist a face like that!

Rika (?/??) by Junko Mizuno / “Despite her reticence, Rika is very popular with the strange creatures on the Surface World. The “Meat Dance” is her specialty.” This is the rare chase figure from the blind box Pure Trance Series produced by Kidrobot.  (Thank-you Ebay!)

Signed Junko Mizuno flyer from her “Red Tresses and Freckles” solo show at the Magic Pony!  Heather of Needlings (super awesome Etsy shop with adorable owls!) sent this to me.  Isn’t she so sweet? 🙂 I plan to frame it someday. Thanks Heather!!!! ♥♥♥

3 pink DIY Mini Munny’s for customizing! Love these pink versions, and the accessories are super cute, especially the glasses! ♥

My Pipos Dali FINALLY has new eyes & new clothes. He’s really liking his new look, and is so embarrassed that I originally thought he was a girl, and made him wear a dress, haha!  Now he really looks like a rabbit from Wonderland. 🙂  Blouse by lemieuxdollboutique: / Bloomers by pommepomme: / 18mm glass eyes by releaserain:

And last but not least, I did a plush trade with the lovely Jessie of Samaria Project, and she sent me these two adorable owlies! ♥ They are so well made and have lots of little stitched details. I love the colours she uses, and wow, she’s awesome! 😀

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