Etsy: 3 New Plush Deer

These three new deer plushies have been listed in my Etsy shop!  😀

[On the left] Cherry Marshmallow loves to dream about soaring through the sky above the clouds. She thinks that she might be able to touch a star if she flies high enough.
[In the middle] Miss Blueberry Pie Deer likes to go antique hunting at the local flea market. She loves buying old furniture and decorations to restore and re-paint.
[On the right] Watermelon Deer loves the Spring because the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Her favourite thing to do is to run through sprinklers!


4 thoughts on “Etsy: 3 New Plush Deer

    • Awww, thanks Amy! 😀 I will be posting the mohawk deer in a week or two. (I have an out-of-country wedding to go to this weekend so they’ve been put on hold until I get back and have time to finish working on them.) But I will post here as soon as they’re finished. 😉

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