Etsy’s Plush Team: Stuffed Magazine – Volume 2

The latest issue of Stuffed magazine is out… and I have a photo in it! Stuffed: A Gathering of Softies is a new magazine all about handmade plushies.  It’s published by Stampington & Company and only $14.99!  (You can order Volume 1 here and Volume 2 here.  Apparently they’re also available at Barnes & Noble bookstores.)  Stampington & Company publishes LOTS of other creative magazines that look so awesome! I might pick up their magazine Where Women Create next, because I love looking at other artists’ workspaces. 🙂

So here’s the 2nd issue of Stuffed below.  As you can see, there are two cute plushies and Etsy’s Plush Team is mentioned on the front cover!

Inside is a 4-page article all about the wonderful team I’m a part of! I’m so proud of all the Plush Team members!  This issue featured lots of awesome plush makers, so it’s definitely worth picking up if you’re into handmade plush.  It’s such an inspiring magazine to flip through.

On the last page of Plush Team’s article, they published a pic of my art studio (when I was in Canada, August 2008)!  I really miss that workspace a lot! 😦  You can also see my Etsy shop’s name on that page. (LOL, I’m such a dork!)

Below is my original photo.  Lots of deer waiting to be made as the Fafi postcards oversee production in the background! 🙂

And because I’m feeling sulky about missing my old workspace, here’s another photo of the whole room. My newest Audrey Kawasaki print was supposed to hang in that blank space. ::sniffles::

7 thoughts on “Etsy’s Plush Team: Stuffed Magazine – Volume 2

  1. Congratulations my talented, creative, beautiful, kind daughter!! (No bias here! lol!)
    Wow, I think it’s great that you are in print AGAIN! I’m waiting for you to put together a book of your photos and sell them from this website! I need to buy a gift for your dad’s bday!
    PS Within the next 2 years you will have a better studio space than you’ve ever had before!

    • Thanks Mutti! ♥ (Yes, I think there’s a bit of a bias, haha.) It was a nice surprise to see my pic in Plush Team’s article. I’d love to put together a book someday (well, I kinda already did, right? :P). Hey, you should check out that magazine I linked to “Where Women Create”… you might get some good ideas!

      PS. I hope you’re right! Although I love travelling, it would be nice to settle down just to have a studio someday. 🙂

  2. Hi there, I’m curious to know if you received any sales or anything huge from stores by having your products featured in the Stuffed magazine?

    I was recently asked by an editor to submit my own plush, but coming from Canada (and paying to have my expensive plush returned), the whole deal is costing me near $45. I know they pay a measly $25 if you get published, which will never in a million years cover what I would have to pay to get them there and back.

    I would like to know if it’s worth it…. If you got tons in return. thanks! 🙂

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