Etsy: Buttons + FREEBIE!

I’ve added a new product to my Etsy shop: Buttons To promote the launch of this new product, I am now adding 1 FREE BUTTON to EVERY ORDER! Yes, even if your order is buttons, you still get an extra free button, lol. 🙂 The free button design is exclusive and not available to buy separately.  You can see the free button design at the bottom of this post! 😀

The sets being launched today are the Plush Deer Button Set and the Alice In Wonderland Button Set.  Each Button Set includes 5 mini pinback buttons with images that were all photographed by me. The buttons measure 1 inch (2.5cm). They are perfect accessories for your bag, purse, tote, coat, jacket, camera strap… you name it. It’s a great way to show your love for either Plush Deer or Alice In Wonderland! 😀

The Plush Deer Button Set features these plush deer:
– Marmalade Deer (orange)
– Lime Soda Deer (green)
– Red Velvet Cake Deer (red)
– Chocolate Caramel Deer (brown)
– Banana Blueberry Deer (yellow/aqua)

The Alice In Wonderland Button Set features photos of:
– White Rabbit Pipos BJD
– Plush Chocolate Caramel Deer + Custom Alice Pullip
– Needlefelted Mushroom
– Alice Pullip legs
– Re-Ment playing cards set

The Alice set is *extremely* limited right now (in fact I only have whatever is in my shop at the moment — I ended up giving away a few freebies to friends + family before releasing them, but I will make more Alice sets if they do well). I have a lot of the Plush Deer Button Set in stock.  The White Rabbit buttons (pictured below) are the ones that come FREE WITH EVERY ORDER in my Etsy shop! 😀


6 thoughts on “Etsy: Buttons + FREEBIE!

  1. I absolutely love Alice in Wonderland. I would love to have one of the white rabbit pins. And probably the other pins too. I have the white rabbit messenger bag from theboldbanana too. 🙂 The perfect place to put my white rabbit pins. 🙂

    • Hi Caitlin, sounds like you’re as just as much an Alice in Wonderland fan as I am! Yay, we both have the WR bag, too! 😀 I love theboldbanana’s stuff. 🙂

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