Photos: Urban Vinyl & Plush

Here are some more pics of my (ever growing) Urban Vinyl & Plush collection:

Cheshire Nation Cheshire Cat – I have seen these Cheshire Cats in stores but never really liked their colour scheme until I saw this silver & black pirate version!  I love it SO much.  The eye and smile glow in the dark! 😀

Ferurun Zombicat by Zombitoys – I love this guy’s design! Especially his pose, expression, the drips and his clear head. Awesome.

On the left: Etsumi Kimmidoll – “My spirit is joyful and playful.” This was a birthday giftle from very special friends. ♥ I love kokeshi and especially her colour scheme, and I love that she’s holding little birds. 🙂
On the right: Tameichi Hara Whiskerbear Plush by Phil Barbato – “Imperial Japanese naval commander during the Pacific War and the author of the IJN manual on torpedo attack techniques, famous for his high skill (particularly in torpedo warfare and night fighting).” This is a plush I treated myself to.  I love his colour scheme, and couldn’t resist that big bushy moustache, lol. Visit Phil’s Etsy shop, you just might find something you like! 🙂

Bumble & Tweet (Candy version) by Julie West. They have nests on their heads with little magnetic birds and bees! ♥

Happy Red Plush Apple by Anna Chambers – LOVE the new apple plushies by Anna Chambers! ♥ Also comes in Sad Green. 🙂

On the left: Marianne Pullip – I couldn’t help myself! I bought this Marie Antoinette inspired Pullip a few months ago from Royal/T. 🙂  She’s going to stay in the box until I have somewhere nice to display her.
On the right: Lilac Pup Pup by Cutesypoo – I bought this cute plushie from Cutesypoo back in March. I’ve been wanting to buy a plushie from her for a while now, and jumped at the chance when she listed some of her older stock. This exact same plushie was in the first Plush You! show at Schmancy, and published in the Plush You! book. After I bought Lilac Pup Pup, I found out by complete chance that Cutesypoo and I have 1 degree of separation through one of our friends!! What a small world! 🙂


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