Drawings: Random Sketches

One of my Summer goals is to try and make a serious effort to start drawing on a daily or weekly basis again (I haven’t been that dedicated to drawing since College). Basically I want to keep drawing, no matter how lame the drawing looks or how uninspired I feel. I figure if I keep it up, I just might get something good out of it, and maybe I can put the good drawings into a sketchbook someday. This is what came out of my drawing session today (I haven’t drawn in a while, so please bear with me…):

Dorothy & Toto -- When I get some time, I'd like to clean her up & add colour to her in Photoshop. (It's not a bad crop -- I didn't have enough page to finish her toe... lol. >_>)

Rose Lady -- She's just a random sketch of some lady. (The composition was completely unintentional, but I like how it turned out.)

Kittehs -- Lucky (my kitty) is the tuxedo cat on the top left, Crookshanks (my parent's kitty) is on the top right (I apologize, I have no idea WTF happened -- her feet are drawn SO BADDDDD!!), and some foxy kitteh striking a pose is on the bottom.

5 thoughts on “Drawings: Random Sketches

  1. You should really keep it up! It looks to me like you’ve got drawing in your fingers (if that’s the right expression ^_^;;) I like your lines, the expressions and poses, especially of the first girl and Lucky.

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