In progress: Deer + Pipos Dali BJD

Not much is new with me other than I’m continuing to work 60-70hr weeks on the movie G-Force. I have a few deer in progress that should be finished by this upcoming weekend. I also have a couple plush pieces in progress for an upcoming gallery show (but I’ll save that for a future post).

Since I’ve been working long hours, I decided to treat myself to a Pipos Dali grey rabbit BJD. She’s fully articulated and came with default makeup and blue eyes (which I plan on eventually swapping out for another colour). She is wearing a Blythe dress made by HiBlythe. I have 3 other full sized BJD’s, but they are all in storage (along with sooo many other things >_>). Pipos Dali is only 12 inches high, so she’s much more portable. I luff her! ♥

[Pipos Dali BJD (photo by me) I really like how the 50mm f/1.4 lens made everything soft yet kept her eye in sharp focus– I was just testing out this lens, and now I really want to get my own!. (More pics here.)]


3 thoughts on “In progress: Deer + Pipos Dali BJD

  1. As usual, your photos are so well composed and such tight compositions. Hey, you wouldn’t be an animator, would you?
    You are amazing….I don’t know how you accomplish so much!

  2. I love you work! Please check out my work at I would love to stay connected to like-minded people.

    Let me know what you think!!



  3. Flora ~ Thanks! I don’t know how I find time or energy to do it either, but I know if I didn’t have at least 30mins-1hr a day to dedicate towards my own creative projects I would go a little crazy. 😉 I think that’s what drives me.

    Jessica ~ Thanks so much for your comment! Wow, I love your work, it’s so beautiful and creative! I added your Etsy shop to my fav’s. 🙂

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