Just for fun: Alice In Wonderland costume, white rabbit + tea party

This weekend I attended the Alice In Wonderland Mad Tea Party at Royal/T, hosted by Valley Of The Dolls. I dressed up as Alice, and my best friend dressed up as an awesome white rabbit (see pic below!). 🙂 I bought the costume off of Ebay, and it came with a plain white apron. I decided to customize the apron to give it more of a personal touch. I cut card symbols out of felt in the size I wanted and hand-sewed them onto the apron, and then added lace along the bottom. The picture on the dress packaging suggested white socks, but I went with black & white stripes instead (because I’m a big Tim Burton fan!). I wore my black mary jane Vans that have little grey skulls all over them. My necklace is hiding in my dress (doh!), but it’s a vintage key I bought from TimeTravelTeaParty on Etsy.

I also made a white rabbit as an accessory with my costume, but I ended up leaving it at home because I had a real life white rabbit instead. 😉

The Mad Tea Party at Royal/T was a lot of fun. First of all, Royal/T is an incredible place to begin with… it’s a gallery/store/restaurant/cafe all in one. I try to have lunch here at least once a week (since I work so close by). The waitresses are dressed as French Maids… too cute! This place is so special that it occasionally attracts celebrities. Just two weeks ago I had lunch across from Tim Burton!

There were lots of people dressed up in Alice In Wonderland themed costumes (Chesire Cat, Queen of Hearts, Playing Cards, etc) and there were lots of cute Gothic Lolitas. There was a huge display of BJDs, Pullips and Blythes brought by doll collectors. The white rabbit and I ordered High Tea which came with yummy snacks, delicious desserts and Tokyo Breakfast Tea. I also met Scot, owner of Valley Of The Dolls, who was very dashing dressed as The Mad Hatter in a top hat and coat and tails. My favourite costume by far was the adorable bunny girl:

There was a raffle for the Alice In Wonderland series of Pullip dolls, Tarina Tarantino was debuing her sparkly Queen Alice jewelery line, and there was also a vibrant fashion show by Flopi. It was a really fun event and a great excuse to dress up as one of my favourite storybook characters of all time. 🙂 I can’t wait for the next tea party!

3 thoughts on “Just for fun: Alice In Wonderland costume, white rabbit + tea party

  1. I love this. I am planning an Alice in wonderland tea party for my 6 year old daughter this weekend – I am so excited. Pop in to my blog in a week or two for pics if you are interested.

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