Etsy: More New Deer in my shop!

More deer have hit my Etsy shop! They are all in brand new colour combinations:

[On the left] Fifi La Crème Deer loves to sit at her favourite coffee shop and sips on a café au lait as she people watches from behind tinted oversized D&G sunglasses. When she is finished her drink, she drives away on her Vespa towards the Louvre, where she works as a tour guide.
[On the right] Pomegranate Deer likes to prepare for winter by storing the last batch of fruit and vegetables from the garden. She also likes to hang herbs up to dry in the kitchen. When it gets too cold to be outside, she likes to sit indoors by the wood stove with good book to read and a crocheted blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

[On the left] Chocolate Caramel Deer likes to collect stamps and postcards from around the world. She puts them all in a scrapbook she made herself.
[On the right] Red Velvet Cake Deer likes to collect vintage picture frames and paint them all kinds of bright colours. She frames her baby deer’s hoof paintings and hangs them on the wall. She is so proud of her baby deer. 🙂

Lime Soda Deer loves running through freshly cut grass while holding a huge shiny metallic pinwheel. Lime Soda loves the summer and having fun.


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