Etsy: Mini Rabbits + New Deer

The first batch of mini rabbits have sold out, so I’ve been busy sewing up a new batch.  I’ll be listing new ones in my Etsy shop next week.  I also made a mini frog for a custom commission.  I think it turned out pretty cute.  🙂

Here are some new deer that are listed in my Etsy shop:

On the left: Mint Chocolate Deer likes to eat cold ice cream cake on her birthday because it is in the Winter. After she is finished, she drinks white hot chocolate to warm up and looks out the window at the falling snow.
On the right: Strawberry Sorbet Deer works in a French bakery and makes all kinds of yummy treats. Her favourite is the éclair, which she looks forward to eating after her shift is over.

On the left: Watermelon Deer loves the Spring because the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Her favourite thing to do is to run through sprinklers!
On the right: Green Tea Deer‘s favourite hobby is ikebana (the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging). She has a garden where she grows her own flowers specifically for making gorgeous bouquets. After she is done arranging the flowers she admires them while sipping a hot cup of tea.

On the left: Chocolate Caramel Deer likes to collect stamps and postcards from around the world. She puts them all in a scrapbook she made herself.
On the right: Banana Blueberry Deer is a successful interior decorator in Deerville. She loves to decorate in a retro design scheme with very bold colours. Her favourite addition to any room is a hanging bubble chair.  (Custom commission)


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