15 Things

This isn’t plush related, but I thought would be fun to post anyways. I was tagged on Flickr and on Leeanna Butcher‘s blog, so here goes…

Post a photo and state 15 things about you on the description, then tag 15 people to do the same.

1) I am a Canadian & German citizen but I live in the USA.
2) I got married barefooted.
3) I faint often and in strange places (the vet, tattoo parlour, subway station, etc).
4) My hiccups sound like bird chirps.
5) I had a pet duck when I was a kid.
6) My fears are: spiders, clowns, needles, hospitals and mental institutions.
7) I wish I was fluent in another language.
8 ) I animated on the Alvin And The Chipmunks movie.
9) I live 0.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean.
10) I wear cotton candy perfume.
11) All my closest friends/family are fire signs (except my mom who is an earth sign like me).
12) I have never tried smoking.
13) I can’t chew apples (it’s like nails-on-a-chalkboard sensation for me).
14) I wanted to be an Egyptologist but I lacked the math smarts, so I became an Animator instead.
15) I can hear my Canadian accent.

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